Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March First!
Hi everyone...well it is finally March 1st, 2013, soon we will be seeing signs of spring, in fact the other day I see my daffodils poking their little green arms out of the cold winter earth.  I also heard the cardinals chirping away...I look forward to warmer and brighter days!
Here are a few photos of Springtime in my home!
 A rabbit made of straw dressed in burlap, I call him Farmer Brown, he is surrounded with faux beets and carrots and real eggs that the yolks have been removed.  The "brown" egg is actually a gourd, the bird's nest I found while mowing a few years ago along with a Robin's egg.
The next photo is an antique chocolate mold in the shape of a rabbit and next to it I have a real cotton ball!  This is on my old chippy cabinet in the kitchen.
The last photo is my German candy bunny.
A few signs of spring around the house and soon there will be many more signs outside.
Happy March First!


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Simply Shelley said...

So good to see a post from you...I have missed you :) Love all your Easter decorations and your family pictures. Blessings