Friday, February 22, 2013

I am still around!

Wow, I have been really negligent in keeping up my blog!  I will give you a photo journey of the highlights since I last posted. 

The most exciting was my daughter's wedding in June, it was great to have most of my family all together for this special day.

Of course, every summer I have my grandsons stay for a few months and that is always special, the boys are growing up too fast it seems. 

My husband and I also took a trip in October to the farm where I grew up.  I was ten when we moved away from there and it was a bittersweet feeling to go back there, it was something I have wanted to do for many years.  I also went to visit my sister, I had not seen her in years, she lives in upstate New York, that was a very special treat.  I got to see two of my nieces, both so beautiful.

There were issues with the storms, but nothing too damaging for us and there were health issues with my husband, he is now on the mend, thank God!

Now for some photos!  Ready?
Me in the center, my son's girlfriend on the left and the Maid of Honor
at my daughter's Bridal Shower
One of the tables at the Bridal Shower, this was at Teaberry's Tea Room in Flemington, NJ
My daughter holding up a gift bag with a special gift from our little pug, Zoe, sadly
she passed away a month later, she gave us 15 years of pure joy and she is still missed!
 My Beautiful Daughter laughing it up with the Flower Girl, this is her best friend's daughter!
My Daughter and Flower Girl...
 My Beautiful Granddaughter and Flower Girl
My Grandson, he was the ring bearer, my husband and the handsome Groom!  The best man, the groom's brother is off to the side.
My Beautiful Granddaughter and my Daughter after the Ceremony
Hair style and earrings

Mr. and Mrs. 
The Ladies-Bride, Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor
Strolling...their photographer was a journalistic photographer, he took many random photos
They had a photo booth-Bridge and Groom being silly!
I could post a million photos, they have so many, but I am sure you must be bored to death by now.  It was a fun wedding and we all wish we could go back and do it over and over again.  This was in June, 2012.
Did not have much done around the house, had some bead-board installed in the kitchen last year and I already wrote about that! As usual I decorated for the holidays.  Looking forward to warmer weather so I can do some yard work, although age is slowing me down some.
A couple photos of the house.

Valentine's Décor in the dining room
Valentine's Décor on the kitchen table
Cookies anyone?  Valentine treats
I hope I have not bored you too much!

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