Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas, New Year's Day and Valentine's Day

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day today!

Christmas came and went and we had a lovely time, then before I knew it we were celebrating New Year's Eve and now, today is Valentine's Day...zoom, zoom, zoom the days go flying by. 

My daughter has picked out her wedding gown, to die for beautiful, she looks like a model.  The venue is chosen and in March we go for a food tasting, the wedding is in June at the  quaint Stockton Inn.  There was a song written about the Inn "There's A Small Hotel", this song was written by Richard Rodgers and was featured on Broadway.  You can listen to the "There's A Small Hotel" sung by Frank Sinatra!  The save the date cards were mailed and soon the invitations will be going out.  A shower will be planned and all the fun and exciting events that go along with a wedding.  I will post a photo of her gown when she gives me the thumbs up!

As far as things around the house, well it is all about the same, the only changes have been moving things from here to there and the other day I painted the half bath downstairs. 

We have been thinking about downsizing our home and last weekend went to look at a sweet 71 year old Cape Cod house, one of my favorite styles.  It is tiny!  
We would have to sell 80% of what we own, but I love the house and the yard would be a perfect size.  For now we will "think" about it and maybe down the road if the little red Cape is still available take a plunge!

So, here are a few pictures from Christmas, my dining room, the top of the blanket chest and the shelf above it and my living room and an after photo.

A blog with photos can be rather bland, so here are a few pictures, some from Christmas and my living room - how it looks today.  All my Christmas photos are on my other computer!  This year I opted for a small table top tree, that I loved, less work and all the charm. 

And the living room today, after the holidays I moved the sofa and the blanket chest and that is about all!

And my beautiful baby girl...from a baby, to a little girl to a young woman and soon to be a bride!  Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful daughter!

Eight months old and her first visit to be introduced to our families...

Her 3rd Birthday

Her friend's wedding.


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