Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little kitchen redo and a rabbit

Two weeks ago we had a bit of work do on the kitchen.  I was going to have this done last spring, but we had the front porch replaced instead during the winter so this project was put on “hold”.  I had to have the old chair rail removed, which was upsetting since it had not been up that long, but in order for the beadboard/wainscoting to go up properly it had to come off.  The boards were nailed on one by one, a lot of work, thankfully my carpenter is great at what he does.  The baseboards were also replaced with a wider board, I would love to have that done in all the rooms, it looks better I think.  It took him two days to complete and then I had the fun job of painting all of it.  FUN it was not, it took me nearly 3 days to paint it all, prim/wait/paint/wait/paint/paint…I was never so happy in all my life to have this project out of the way!  The work paid off and I LOVE it.  Two weeks prior to this project I painted the half bath and we had crown molding installed in the master bedroom so that had to be painted.  My next project when hubby goes away in two weeks is to redo the laundry/craft room.  That will be the final project inside for awhile because then my days will be spent outside in my gardens.  We also have the wedding in June and once again my grandsons will be spending the summer with us so my days will be busy.

So, for your viewing pleasure here are a few photos of the before and after in the kitchen.

kitchen beadboard 006kitchen beadboard 002

kitchen beadboard 004

kitchen and rabbit 005

kitchen and rabbit 001

Of course a few things have been moved around since these photos have been taken.  I have a few spring/Easter things out and I bought another old bowl when I was out browsing antique shops.  Yesterday we had wonderful weather so I felt like creating, I have an old Easter Rabbit candy mold which I used to make a plaster of paris rabbit, it was fun and so easy.  Here are photos of the rabbit next to his mold…before and after.

kitchen and rabbit 010

kitchen and rabbit 012

He now is living happily in the front hall next to a basket of forsythia that I cut and brought inside to bloom…I also bought a bunch of pussy willows.  Whenever I go get groceries if I have a bit of extra money I buy fresh flowers, for the master bedroom I have tulips and in my daughters room some tulips for her, on the kitchen table I have yellow flowers, but don’t know what they are! 

Last another photo of my living room with a few spring touches…I love my little glass front cabinet hanging over the blanket chest, one of my favorite pieces, well, actually they both are.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day, once again today we are having great weather so after the housework is finished I picture myself on the deck with the new Country Living magazine and a cup of tea.




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Shelley said...

I always love seeing your beautiful home. The makeover is wonderful,the little bunny you made adorable.The banner with all your sweet dolls,I love very good to visit you...I think of you each time I see my little birthday Raggedy Ann...I will always cherish her and am still so happy I purchased her from you. You are one talented lady...blessings dear friend.