Sunday, September 26, 2010

Simple Treasures

I really, really wanted to go to the Walker Homestead’s Simple Treasures from the Past show this weekend in Brookfield, Ma.  My husband would not have been able to go with me and I did not want to take the 5 hour drive by myself, I have driven up in that area and further, but not alone.  I enjoyed viewing all the great photos they posted on their Facebook Page but I know it was not the same as being there.  It would have been fun to meet the ladies who created a great new publication, A Primitive Place, which features many great articles and photos of beautiful homes decorated in primitive/Colonial styles (I love this style and love to see homes and how they are decorated, my hobby/passion!)  If you want to learn more about the show and this new, hot off the press publication go over and visit The Primitive Place Blog, you will enjoy it if this is your style.

So, I did not get to go, but today I did go with my husband to the local antique mall, not many antiques or primitives, you have to hunt for them, so it is more like a treasure hunt.  Well, today I found a treasure, I had seen this little chest before in another shop, but the shop was sold and the dealers moved out, today while looking in the booths I spotted the little chest, I ran, nearly knocking over the items in my path and just stood there admiring it.  I was going back and forth in my head, yes buy it, no, yes, no, I called me husband to come over and look.  He liked it and said to go for it!  I guess he may have been feeling a bit sad for me since I was not able to go to Massachusetts!  I found a sales person and made an offer, she said she would call the owner and get right back to me.  We stood there waiting and waiting and finally I went to find her, she said she forget about me, she was busy with other customers, I remained polite and asked again about my offer and she told me the owner said YES!  Yippee!  We had them put it into the car and I could not wait to get home with this little chest of drawers.  Then came the fun part, where was I going to put it!

After looking at each room I decided the master bedroom was the perfect spot, next to my side of the bed.  With my husband’s help I put it in place. It was heavy and a task getting it upstairs, I think I am getting to old for some of these projects! 

I tried different gatherings on the top and settled for what you see in the photo.  The drawers are filled with my many decorating books, easy access for reading in bed and a small section of the top drawer holds eyeglasses, tissues, etc.  It is a sweet piece, made of yellow pine, it reminds me of an English or Irish style chest of drawers.

I also found a great crock at a great price, a tin can of Old Dutch Cleaner, this went in the main bathroom, I collect old tins related to cleaning and old medicine tins and bottles which were once filled with medicines.  I also found, for my husband, a wonderful large glass jar in the shape of a VW!  He collects cars and in his den he has a large collection of very old collectible cars, the VW is one of his favorite model cars.  It is a precious jar and he loves it.

So, today was, in a way my, my own treasure hunt and I found some great treasures!

P1030725You can see my copy of  A Primitive Place in my magazine basket! The item on the left of the dresser is a very old carved wooden Lady, she comes apart and you can store items in the base, this belonged to my husband’s aunt.  I have also posted a photo of the Old Dutch Cleaners tin can, since I am a clean freak I think the words on the tin describe me to a T!

I hope that you all have had a great weekend.  Treasures come in many forms, but in reality the best treasures are your family and friends, all of your loved ones, there is no greater treasure than that!




Carla said...

Love the new chest! It's a beauty.

Audrey said...

I to wish you could have made the show. Maybe in the spring time.
I love your new finds. The pitcher and bowl look perfect displayed on it. However the Magazine in the basket really caught my eye ;)

LizziesRaggs said...

Your new chest makeover is wonderful!! A nice bedside piece of furniture. I kept a nice new copy of A Primitive Place Magazine and you just gave me the idea of where I will put it. In a basket in my bedroom. Good idea! It won`t get handles too much there. lol

Grammee Linda said...

OH I wish you had been able to make it but I wouldn't drive that alone either!!

Your bedside looks prim operfect now! Great display!!