Sunday, November 7, 2010


Wow, the day/weeks/months are flying by!  I cannot believe it is November already.  Last month at this time I was in Florida visiting my sons and their families and in a flash the visit was over and I was back home in New Jersey!  I really enjoyed the time spent with my grandkids, they are growing up way too fast as well.  My granddaughter just turned 13 and it seems like only yesterday she was born, my oldest grandson will be 11 next month, again, I remember my son and daughter in law calling to let me know they were on there way to the hospital.  My sons and their families do not live close by so I have not had the pleasure of watching them grow up, it seems whenever I see them they have gotten taller and older and before I know it they will be young adults!

I am trying to remember what has happened since my last blog post.  Not any major changes around the house, well a few, you know how that goes, move a table, move shelf displays, move a chair. . .and when finished start over, if I took a photo each time I moved something or rearranged something I would be replacing my camera every few months because it would be worn out!  I did put away all of the Halloween things last week and took out my Thanksgiving turkeys, the rest of the things are the pumpkins and gourds which were out for Halloween, they have held up well, I think I only had to throw out two small gourds, not bad considering I had put them out in early September.  I can remember telling hubby I wanted to get my autumn décor up early since I was going away the first week in October!

Oh, my son returned home from wolf and bear country all in one piece!  He enjoyed working with the wolves, but his love are the black/brown bears in Minnesota.  He said the state of Idaho was very pretty and now he is waiting to hear about a job in Vermont, his and my favorite place in the good ole USofA!

Next month, weather permitting or maybe the end of this month we are having the front steps/overhang and rails removed and new little front porch installed.  Looking forward for the end results on that.  We were going to wait until Spring, but I did not want my perennials  destroyed, so while they sleep the work will be done!  This fall we have had the foliage change into such pretty colors, this is the first year in a long time where they leaves changed into their colorful wardrobe, I enjoyed seeing all the colors.  We would usually drive up to Vermont and enjoy the colors of the leaves on the drive up, we have not gone for the last two years and I was so happy to have seen the changes here in my neighborhood and along the country roads.

Adding some photos of my Thanksgiving theme decorating; under the dining room table you can see our Pug sunning herself under the table, she sort of looks like a seal!  (You click on the photos to see the full album.) I love the large turkey on the dining room table and in the living room on the coffee table you can see a little ceramic turkey my brother had given to our mother, many, many years ago, one of my favorites, I also added the “pull-toy” type turkey in the kitchen on the sideboard.  I have a new teeny tiny yellow ware bowl on the last shelf of my old white cabinet in the kitchen, I bought that yesterday while I was out antiquing with my hubby, it was a fun day!  Wishing one and all a glorious week!




Carla said...

Yes, I agree, 2010 has flown by. I can't believe Christmas is almost here again. Your home is just beautiful. I really enjoyed your pictures. I love the turkey on your DR table. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great week!

bettyj said...

Loved your pictures. I am trying very hard not to covet your hanging corner cupboard in your diningroom.I love it

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha!!

Thank you for stopping by my picture trail and your wonderful comments!

I'm with Betty....that hanging corner cupboard is awesome!!

Everything is awesome!!

Hope you stop by my blog sometime....I would love to see you there!!