Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where Do I Begin

Where do I begin. . .let’s see, first my precious grandsons went back home on August 19, well not home on that day, their Mommy flew up and we  met her at the airport. They flew back to Florida and spent a few days at Universal and Walt Disney World before heading home and back to school.  My days seem long!  I am slowly adjusting to having free time.  I miss them and at times I can still hear them calling me or hearing the younger one shouting, “I’m Hungry” or “Grandmamma, where are you?” and the older one sitting with me watching movies and just talking!  I hope to see them again in October when I go to Florida for a very short visit.  I will also get to spend a bit of time with my other son and his family!  This photo was taken the morning they left, they said good-bye to their pumpkins, the back yard, the ducks and even the fire-pit.  Hopefully they took with them many memories because I know that I have many memories of time spent with them!Bye Sage and Cole 003

The boys left on a Thursday and on Friday I had the pleasure of meeting and babysitting my daughter’s best friend’s baby girl!  I wrote about the baby shower here!  I had forgotten how tiny and precious a new baby is. She is a little doll.  This was Mommy’s first chance to bring her over, we were hoping the boys would have had a chance to meet her too, but maybe next summer when she will be running around!  Her she is Miss Precious! (not her name)  She is on my daughter’s bed posing with Miss Kitty, my daughter has had Miss Kitty since the day she turned 5.Miss P 013

Here is my daughter with Miss Kitty 25 years ago!scan0001[18][1]And here she is today. . .holding that sweet baby girl!P1030597 

As far as the interior of my home, well over the last weekend I moved furniture around in the bedroom and that is about it for decorating.  I must confess that even though I will miss the days of summer and all of my flowers I am looking forward to a change of seasons, SO I took out two redware plates with an autumn themes, one with crows and the other with wheat, I may leave the crows out year round, they just sort of go with my kitchen decor.


One day while the boys were here we went to an antique store, not much to their liking, but they each found a treasure so they were happy. I too found a couple of treasures, I love old cloth dolls and old teddy bears.  I found,  what I think is a precious and very old bear, my family thinks I am crazy to think he is great, BUT he is!  I also found a cloth Japanese doll.  Ever since I was a little girl I longed to own a Japanese style doll, I don’t know why, I just thought they were great, so now, a million years later I have one made of cloth!  The bear does look sort of scary in this photo, but he is not!  002

And now I must get going so I leave you with a picture of the view outside my kitchen window.  This is why I do not wish that summer fly by, just cooler days and my flowers to last a bit longer. Oh, I almost forgot, I have a Mr. and Mrs. Hummingbird that visits my sunflowers, I took a few photos of them, not too clear because as soon as I got too close they flew away!  See Mrs. Hummingbird on the leaf!  I have two wonderful stories regarding hummingbirds that one day I will share.102

Wishing everyone a wonderful end to the month of August, enjoy the last of summer time, because soon we will be wishing for the warmth of the sun.

Good Bless, MarthaP1030599


Shelley said...

Love your post...looking out your window at your yard is just beautiful....nice pictures of your grandsons,daughter and the sweet baby girl...Miss Kitty and the your cute finds as well.....I am so ready for some much cooler weather and we could use some rain as well.....blessings on you dear Martha....

ctlogcabin said...

Happy September Martha !! Love all your pics ... the baby with Miss Kitty is so Sweet and your daughter is Beautiful in both pics.
It is so wonderful for you & the boys to have the summer time to make memories .... I know I love the time I get to spend with my GranGirls ... I'm a little sad school will start soon. Your view is Wonderful think I would spend lots of time at the window. lol The humming bird pics are Great and a good get for you everytime I get close they fly off. EnJoy your free time to play in the house and yard. Hugs ~ Connie xox

Bettsi said...

Martha, it sounds like you've had a grand summer- the boys are adorable as is your little visitor, Miss Precious! Love the crow plate and the view to the garden too. Maybe it's time to make a doll?