Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Marches On!

I guess my blog should be a monthly update!  I have been busy with my grandsons here, the days are flying by and we are having fun. 

I have been planning projects in my mind as to what I will be doing once they go back home.  I am planning on extending my deck flower garden and hope to plant some perennials so next year I can sit back and enjoy watching them bloom.  I also have a few fun projects planned for inside and a bit of painting inside too.

We have had a really hot summer which did a job on the grass, I have watered the flowers to keep them looking good and with rain the grass will come back, in fact today we had a nice rain shower which  has already helped.

(The following photos show the growth progress of the pumpkins until one day!)

The pumpkins plants were growing like crazy, everyday the vines were getting longer and longer, it is amazing to watch!  The vines finally had flowers which made us so excited, because then we would get some pumpkins.  One morning I looked outside and standing very close to my deck was a precious little fawn, she looked at me with big brown eyes, I called my grandsons to come and look, she stayed long enough so I could take several photos of her and then she ran off, or so I thought!  She stopped along the way to have a little pumpkin vine for breakfast!  I had removed the mesh when the plants were getting crowded, I had to replace it and then used a deer repellant, I am hoping they will recover, there are still some plants with buds, so fingers crossed, the boys and I were hoping to grow our own pumpkins, of course they will be back home, but I plan on taking photos for them. Pumpkins and flower garden 002Garden 003Sunday-Summer Daze! 003 006004001    

002 003005

I have never grown sunflowers before and I am happy with how they too have grown.  I did not buy the seeds of the large sunflowers, these have a smaller head and the color varies from yellow/orange to pale yellow, I love how they turn to face the sun which makes them face the deck and my kitchen window.  Even though this summer has been very hot I do not wish for it to go away too soon, I love sitting outside in the evening and enjoying our yard, I will miss all the flowers when the last bloom fades, but also look forward to another season with new plants.006009 Sunday-Summer Daze! 002

So, until next time, wishing everyone a happy summer. . .enjoy the days ahead!  Sunday-Summer Daze! 025



Shelley said...

Your plants look so pretty ....the kids look like they are having a good time with is very hot here in Texas.....I am ready for Autumn

Bettsi said...

Martha, the sunflowers are beautiful! The rest of the country got all the heat that we in Sacramento usually have! We've had a mild summer- very strange. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Deb's Creative Art said...

your home is beautiful and the flowers...what beauty.. thank you, enjoy what's left of summer and wishing you some "cool"days :)