Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost in Time

Wow!  I have been lost in time there for awhile!  Times have been worrisome around here. . .seems 2010 has brought health problems to our family, but with the grace of God I know all will be well.  So, I had taken time away from blogging but I did catch up on a few blogs that are like medicine for the soul!

No major projects around here either.  Well, maybe a couple, but nothing out of this world.  I did get a new kitchen island, the one I had was a make-do, so to speak, it was really a sweet little garden cart, which now will be used for what it was intended.  You can check out my Make Do Island here.  My new island is the real deal, I had seen it a few weeks ago and left it in the store, I really liked it and felt it would work great for what I/we needed so I went back with my daughter and purchased it.  First we had to shovel our way out of the driveway and hoped that the plows had cleared the roads, which they had.  Nothing like two “women” on a mission! She agreed to go with me if after I took her to have her new eye glasses adjusted and she could do a bit of shopping.  Of course, once we came home it was the game of musical furniture, I had to move things around and then comes the cleanup, but it was worth it.  Last weekend my husband and I took a little drive to the town of Chester, there I bought a bench/table for the family room. The lid lifts up for storage.  It will work great when I have my grandsons this summer, they can store games and toys in it. 

In two weeks my daughter and I are going to visit the sons/brothers/niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandsons in Florida.  We have rented a cottage on Siesta Key beach which is a hop/skip/and jump from where my two sons live in Sarasota.  I cannot wait to see everyone again. 

I am also going to paint the master bedroom when I get back and then we are having the main bathroom redone so that will be keeping me busy for awhile.  This is my new island, of course the display on the top has changed at least 100 times.  I am also going to show a photo of how my kitchen looked 2 years ago, I am so happy when we had it done I went with white cabinets!

Winter 2010 016



Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Your new island is perfect!!!
judy j

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I am sorry to hear about the health problems Martha. I hope they resolve soon.

Your island is perfect for your home!! It looks like it was meant to be!!

american girl primitives said...

Feel better soon, love the new island!


for the love of a house said...

Hi Martha- so nice to hear from you! So glad you "got it" about the excitement of finally seeing a moose!
So sorry to hear of health problems. I hope all is well soon.

Love you kitchen in white! I'm a white kitchen girl too- they just seem so much cleaner and happier to me! Your new island is perfect in your kitchen! The flowers in your opening photo are Gorgeous!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday in Florida! Have a great time!

Higgler's Notch said...

A perfect island for your kitchen. Crisp and clean
with plenty of storage!