Monday, January 25, 2010


I am not one to decorate for Valentine’s Day or so I thought!  Yes, I love to decorate for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas, but not Valentine’s Day. 

So, onto my subject of Hearts and decorating for Valentine’s Day. Yesterday while shopping I bought a package of red glass hearts, with the intention of saving them to use on my feather tree for next Christmas.  After looking at them I decided to put them on my white feather tree and placed it in the front hall with my little antique looking bears making a sweet vignette.  After that I started to organize the corner china cabinet in the living room, I opened a box which had little polka-dot candle hearts and some splashy red hearts that light up!  OK, so I decided that I would put them into a heart shaped basket I had put away and put them into the family room. . .then I found a heart shaped wooden dish and well, it all just took off!  I then started to look around my home to see how many places there are “hearts” which are out year round.  I found them in stitchery's, my little bears each had a heart, one is wearing a heart shaped locket and the other holds a heart made from an old quilt, I have a angel that stays out year round and she is holding hearts made from another old quilt, I found game boards with hearts, hearts made from buttons, a brass heart shaped candle holder, metal cookie cutter hearts and molds, a glass heart shaped dish filled with. . .Candy Hearts!, a little rock shaped like a heart that was found while walking, a tiny glass heart my hubby gave me years ago, which I keep both in a tiny little wagon with locks of my grandsons hair from their first haircuts. I found lots and lots of heart shaped items; on calendar pages and in pictures.  So, maybe I do not really decorate for Valentine’s Day, I have to admit my home is filled with Hearts!

And, I do not want to leave out my Raggedy Ann dolls which I make (lately when time allows)with their special hearts and my Raggedy Ann and Andy story books and one of my favorites being Raggedy Anns Candy Heart Wisdom filled with precious sayings. . .from the works of Johnny Gruelle.  I used one of the sayings on the photo of my  Raggedy Ann I made years ago.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day. . .how many heart objects are in your home?  Here are a few of the Heart shaped items I found.  And let’s not forget the saying. . .


Hearts 008 Hearts 009 Hearts 010 Hearts 011 Hearts 028

Hearts 012 Hearts 013 Hearts 015 Hearts 014 Hearts 016

Hearts 017 Hearts 018 Hearts 019 Hearts 020

Hearts 021 Hearts 022 Hearts 024 Hearts 025

Hearts 027

“When love fills our hearts happiness is everylasting”


judy said...

Love your hearts.I used to have hearts now it is stars.
The only decoration,for Valentines day , is a heart rag wreath for the front door,which reminds me to go put it up.
judy j

american girl primitives said...

I love your little tree, so cute and the stitcheries. I also like the way you have your heart molds arranged too.


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Very nice!! I especially love your framed button heart. I might just make me one!

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,thank you so much for sharing your hearts with us.....I decorate more now than I ever did in the past for Valentines day...your little tree is so very sweet with the hearts hanging from it.....the bears,your precious Raggedy...everything is wonderful....your home is certainly filled with much love.....blessings....

Janean said...

*heart* your hearts! the button heart is amazing and tins....all great.

Sharrieboberry said...

Is that forsythia? Love the molasses jar!