Saturday, April 4, 2009

In The Middle of an Island

I have been busy making my style Raggedy Ann dolls but on Thursday I took a break from sewing and went to Home Goods, I love that store! I wanted a small table to use as an island in my kitchen. I had used a little antique red farm table in there before, but it was too low and after I had the kitchen redone last spring I moved the table into the dining room. I liked the look of a big open kitchen, but since the kitchen table is not near the cooking area I needed an extra spot to put thing down while preparing dinner. My kitchen is a very large space which is very nice to have.
We do live in the house and the kitchen is used daily, even though I hate to cook! I still have a son at home and my daughter, they both use the kitchen; I like it to look nice, but it does have to function. I found this table which is supposed to be a potting table for gardening, I loved the look and of course the price was right! I painted it white and placed it in the kitchen. The top is tin so it will be durable and it goes with what I already have in the kitchen. It took me a day or two to really decide if I liked it and now I love it!

Now, if I could go to a real Island and just sit and look at the ocean, but for now I am happy sitting at the kitchen table and looking at my island!
Now, I hope I do not use it as a spot to "decorate", it will defeat my purpose. Yesterday I cut some forsythia to bring inside, a bit of spring. . .I love how they look in the old glass jar and I love how they look on my island! I also brought in some daffodils today to put on the kitchen counter.

Wishing everyone a special weekend and warm Island breezes.


Shelley said...

I love your island,Martha...your home is so are so blessed to have a large kitchen..I have a very small kitchen and our dining table is right in the middle. It is so hard to move around in there when more than one person is in there. I am thinking of doing away with our table,and just using wooden T.V. trays for eating our meals. I don't like the ideal of it,but it would mean having much more room to move around....I could try and find a little island of my own to prepare foods on though(smile).I love yours.....


Carla said...

So very beautiful! I'm soooo green with envy.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What a pretty kitchen Martha and that island is perfect there. Clever use for the potting bench!!

Several of my little chemo buddies were treated at St Judes - they do such great work! Another wonderful cause! Thanks for sharing that.

I hope you enjoy some warm island like breezes soon!!

Sharrieboberry said...

Very pretty! It looks lovely in your kitchen. I especially like the metal top. I wanted to buy an old tin-top table to use in the kitchen but my husband said "NO!"

I look forward to see the dolls you're working on!