Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ho Ho Ho * * * Where Did I Go!

Wow!  I cannot believe that I have not updated with a new blog post since before I went away in October!  The days and months are going by way to fast for me!

I had a great visit in Florida with my sons and their families.  Walt Disney World can be very tiring, but so much fun when you are spending your time with your favorite little people, my grandchildren.  I have so many great memories of time spent with them.  On a sad note my oldest grandson became ill and had to spend an entire day in bed, it broke my heart, he is such a sweetheart and it made me sad to be a a park with his brother and his little cousin knowing he could not be with us.  He was able to make it to the downtown Disney Trick or Treating, but I knew he was not feeling 100% so we all went back to the our rooms early.  Downtown Disney was packed too!  There were areas where you could barely move.  We did see some awesome costumes.  My Daughter-in-Law Leslie made the costumes for her family, I nearly died laughing when I saw my son! She is so creative and clever when it comes to doing something artistic! My Daughter-in-Law Katherine was a “scary-doll”, but I thought she looked precious!  It all seems so long ago now!

After I got back home I was busy moving things around the house.  I decide to move my computer out of the family room into the large cabinet that once belonged to my mom.  I wanted to have more room in the family room for the holidays because my son will be here this year.  Of course, we all know that once you move something one things lead to another, like having to paint the walls once I removed the pictures and then did the trim and so it goes on and on.  My computer now lives in the living room, we never use this room and it is my favorite room in the house.  Now I call it “MY ROOM”, and when I am not using the computer I shut the doors and I do not have to look at all the computer stuff!  I moved the table I was using for my computer into the kitchen and moved my sideboard near the sink area and I am now using it for an island!  I love it and I now have extra room at the table to place buffet meals or when my grandchildren are here extra room to sit and eat!

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving.  I did not cook nearly as much food as in past years because there were fewer of us here to eat.  It was still a yummy meal, I think, and since there are no leftovers I would have to say others thought the same.

Friday and Saturday I spent “decking the halls”, I still have a bit of tweaking to do here and there.  But I am finished decorating for Christmas.  This year I made a special tree for when my grandchildren are here, more childlike and whimsical and put all my old cloth Santa Clauses in there.  I also used decorations that will not break easily, this will allow my 3 year old grandson to be a little boy and we will not have to worry about something breaking or him getting hurt.  I have a small tree in the dining room by the front window and a larger tree (but not too big) in the living room.  I have a tiny little tree on my kitchen counter. . .I love this little tree and added two vintage snowmen candles next to it.  There are so cute.

Here are a few pictures of my Christmas Decor.  I will add more later and I also want to move my photos into my Webshots account later!  So, enjoy the tour of my Home for the Holidays!

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Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

It looks like Christmas Martha. So cheery and festive!!

I am going to start a special tree for Lili too - with non breakable items as well.

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,so good to see you posting again....I love all your Christmas decorations...your Kiddy tree is so sweet... I love vintage Santas...I have a few too....blessings

les said...

oh boy ashton cant wait to get at all your santas;) it all looks wonderful and so christmasy!!!

Sharrieboberry said...

Good to see you're back from your visit to WDW. Lovely to see your Christmas decorations, too.