Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas arrived early for me!

You would think that if one spent 3, almost 4 full days to decorate their home for Christmas that once it was finished and everything put away neat and tidy that one would sit down and enjoy the time it took to make their home special.  Well, not this one, ME. . .I thought I had everything the way I wanted it, took pictures, put them in my Webshots Christmas 2009 Album and then decided that I wanted my Christmas gift early, and my wish was granted, but in the process we had to move 3 HEAVY pieces of furniture.  

My wish was for the blanket chest that was in my husband’s den/office to be moved downstairs.  My hubby is a big collector of Matchbox Cars and baseball cards.  He has wonderful displays in his den, they are all behind glass doors and fun to look out.  He was using the blanket chest to store extra stuff, but on top of the chest was a big car display, so it made it really difficult for him if he needed something from the top portion of the chest.  In the front hall I had an antique cherry dresser that was a gift, it is very old and I would never, nor could ever part with it, it is a treasure because of who gave it to me. I told my husband that I wanted the blanket chest as my gift for Christmas, all he had to do was help me move it into the living room.  Sounds easy, right. . .NOT.  First we removed the drawers for both pieces, and they were filled with his things and the antique dresser was filled with all of the family photo albums.  It was quite a job to carry the old dresser up stairs, but somehow we managed to do it and put it into the master bedroom, out of the way.  After catching our breath it was time to move the blanket chest downstairs.  We were maybe 3 steps down and the top came open, even though we had taped it shut, it was a difficult piece to grab hold of, there really was no place to hold onto it, hubby could no longer hold onto it and I was on the bottom and did my best trying to stop it from flying down the stairs, hurting me and the house in the process.  Thank goodness my son was home, I called out to him several times before he heard me and came running, with his help we barely managed to move it down the rest of the way.  When I think back we could have had a major disaster with the walls and stairs or injuries!

Then came the long process of going up/down the stairs with drawers and the contents being put away.  I then had to move the small chest which I had in the living room to the front hall and placed the blanket chest where that was. This little project took an entire day! My husband said if I was not happy with my “gift”, too bad, because he was never going to move it again, well he does not have to worry about that because I am very happy to have it where I can see and enjoy it everyday, and it is a great place now for me to store the family photo albums!  (I always thought it was too nice of a piece to be hidden up stairs.)

And after all of this was finished I did more tweaking, I redid the arrangement on the kitchen table.  I had an old bucket that I had put my pine cuttings in and when I had used what I needed the bucket look rather neat with the greens in it, I had some pinecones I had gathered from the yard and it became my kitchen table center piece.  You can see the photo in my header.  I also rearranged a few more small things and finished my little Santa I was working on.  Now, or should I say for now, things will stay as is!

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Sharrieboberry said...

Hope you are not sore after all the furniture moving.

It looks lovely!

american girl primitives said...

Change is so refreshing isn't it? Love the blanket chest, you have some great pieces.

judy j said...

Hi Martha,I am still not done with the decorating.Your home is so cozy.the chest in the living room is perfect there.I love your corner cupboard.
I looked at your slide show,on webshots and got a couple more ideas.Thank you.
I don't think I will ever be done tweeking Christmas decoratinons.I put out my snowmen in January when all the santa's go back to the attic.judy j