Saturday, October 24, 2009

OMG-Two Posts in one day!




Look at what I got today!  Two Watts bowls marked 6 & 7, a small yellow ware bowl, a blue bowl, a two tone jug, a very large Ironstone bowl and a bowl with blue/white band. . .Yellow Ware???  And crock with a number 4 and the dark blue design, which for the life of me right now, I forget what it is called!

My neighbor is moving and she stopped by the other day to let me know that she may have some things I may want.  I stopped over on my way to the grocery store and told her I would be back after shopping.  When I arrived the “junk” haulers were there.  I made a bee-line for the stuff in the photo!  I looked in the truck and there was  some really great things, or were great, the haulers had broken the furniture into pieces, there were chairs and a couple of tables and a hutch, that now was firewood!  My heart sank when they took an axe to a beautiful antique chest, I had to leave, it upset me so.  I told her to wait and if I could find a place to store the stuff I would, but it was too late!  I understand that she wants to pack up and move on, BUT, I wish she had waited before having really good things broken to fit into a dump truck.  I came home really upset. . .and who knows what was under the stuff in the truck!  Oh, and I picked up a nice quilt that is now being soaked and washed!

I was so upset, I came home and did this:  009 Yes sir, I hate HALF of a coconut custard pie, of course now I am upset about that, but at the time it seemed to take away the image of the man with the axe chopping up that trunk. . .now we know why some things are so collectible!  I just had to share. . .Oh, if anyone knows the name of the crock, please let me know, I cannot remember at all!


Audrey said...

Love your new goods!!! I am so sorry about what got away however I am proud of you you didn't eat the whole pie...I would have!!!!!

Raggedy Angel said...

Love your goodies and sometimes a girl just needs a little sugar to help her get by! Beth

Shelley said...

What a glad you were able to rescue the nice things you did.......have a wonderful time visiting your grands.....blessings

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

It's so frustrating to see people getting rid of family treasures and heirlooms. Some people just don't appreciate them and should at least give them to a thrift shop or something, not to trash! I'm glad you got some neat bowls though.

Anonymous said...

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