Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn Splendor-Harvest Queen

I have been having fun working on some dolls.  I made a tiny Raggedy Ann doll, it seems like ages since I made a doll.  Then for fun I made a pumpkin head doll, Ms. Autumn Splendor-Harvest Queen.   She was fun to make.  Her head has been painted and sanded, her little arms are sticks, I have to say she looks cuter in person, now I know why she did not win “Ms. Photogenic”!   I do not use patterns for my dolls, they sort of create themselves.  She is plump like a little pumpkin and is proud to wear her crown and her “ribbon” announcing she won Harvest Queen, 2009.  I also made the little Owl, he is her very best friend and his name is Hoot (pretty clever, uh?).

I am hoping to list her along with two Raggedy Ann dolls on ebay today.  Fingers XXXXX I can get to it.

I hope all you ladies out there feel like a Queen everyday and are enjoying all the beauty Autumn has to offer.  Yesterday I enjoyed the sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I mowed the lawn and did some raking! Happy Weekend, enjoy,

Martha001 005 004


Shelley said...

She is talented you are...have a blessed weekend...

judy j said...

Martha she is adorable.Soon it will be time to make Christmas dolls.
judy j