Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh bittersweet Bittersweet!


A few post back I had mentioned that I was unable to find “real” bittersweet, I have a few branches of the fake kind, which looks really realistic, but I wanted to have some of the real stuff.

My daughter is a floral designer and the other day she came home from work with a large bundle of it!  She did not know if she was going to be able to find some, but she did.  I was so excited, like a child on Christmas morning!

I put the cellophane wrapped bundle on the dining room table, trying to remove it with damaging the stems with the beautiful bright orange berries and bright yellow casings.  The entire time my daughter kept saying, “you better do this outside”. . .once I tore the wrapping of I knew why, the berries and the yellow casings and dried leaves went all over the table and floor.  This stuff is beautiful, it just screams out AUTUNM. . .but it is certainly messy to work with.   I had a lot of fun  sticking the branches here and there throughout the house.

I really love how it looks, but I do not like the mess it makes when you decide you are going to move it from one place to another.  The worse was when our Pug found some of the berries and was trying to eat them, luckily we got them out of her mouth.  I read and was told that it can be very harmful if ingested.  The above photo was the one arrangement she decided to snack on, I have since move it up high.  Next year I will be better prepared if she can get me more.  I am in love with bittersweet, its beauty out shines the mess it can make.

006 003

I now have tiny and large branches of bittersweet all around my home!

May you never have too many bittersweet moments!



Shelley said...

Hi Martha,your bittersweet looks wonderful through out your home...your right ,it does speak volumes about Autumn....blessings

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

You must have gotten it so late that the pods opened already huh? It is sooooooooo messy then. I always get it before they open. Now that it is in place - it makes it hard to dust! LOL But it is so worth it to get that look. It goes so nicely with your wall color!!

american girl primitives said...

I love Bittersweet too, my husband even looked into how to grow it for me, so next year that's what's going in my garden.


Loretta said...

Hi Martha,
I will certainly let Debbie know you are thinking of her and Amy. My heart breaks for this famliy and all they've had to endure. Amy will be in the arms of our Lord soon, restored and beautiful again, without pain.
Your bittersweet is beautiful. I picked mine from a vine growing down the road from my house. I love it so much I planted 6 of my own plants. Hopefully they will survive the winter.
Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs, Loretta

TeresaM said...

Your stems are so full with berries. I have some growing and this was the first year I could cut it but it doesn't have anywhere near the berries! Enjoy it! It is very beautiful!