Sunday, August 2, 2009

A fun day trip

On Saturday my dear husband and I took a little day trip to Frenchtown, New Jersey. It is about 35 miles from our home.
I was hoping for my antique shops, but all in all we had a fun day. We had lunch at a little cafe, and then strolled the streets browsing in shops. There was an wonderful old building which had an incredible flower garden in the front yard with massive plantings of perennials, they were so lovely. I would love to look out my window everyday and see that garden!
There was one antique store which was full of wonderful items, but the prices were way out of reach for me. She had some great pieces of stone fruit, old cloth dolls, coverlets, quilts, antique rocking horses and little odds and ends. The only thing I could afford in there was a small pillow made from an old coverlet! In another tiny antique shop I found some donut/cookie cutters with the wooden handles in red and green. They were only $3.00 each so I bought the ones I truly loved to add to my collection. I have two which belonged to my husband's aunt and I have been wanting to add to them.
There was a nice gift shop, the items in there were your typical gift shop items though. I did buy a sweet little wire basket for my faux cherries.

The Delaware River was very, very high and the water was muddy. We have been having so much rain lately, it appeared as if it would overflow should we have more rain. Well, today, guess what. . .more rain! We walked along the river after having stopped to get an ice cream cone. We then headed back home where I had fun moving things around and finding homes for my new items. It was a great way to spend a Saturday.
Today it is raining again so we are enjoying being in the comfort of our home, me puttering around and cleaning and my dear husband playing a video game! I think he is getting in some practice for when the grandsons come next summer he will be able to beat them.
Whatever you do on this Sunday I hope you are enjoying yourself, till next time, hugs and love,


TeresaM said...

Sounds like a fun day Martha! That river is very muddy looking and the flower gardens are beautiful!!! I found your blog from a post on A Primitive Place! Looking forward to following you!


Shelley said...

Hi Martha,what a good day you described for us. The little shop sounds wonderful...
Getting away for the day sometimes is a good pick me up...
I could use a