Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to Basics

On Sunday my grandsons went back home to Florida. The seven weeks they were here seem to fly by! I miss them dearly and today it all seems like a dream. I have such wonderful memories of having them here and I hope they too will remember part of their summer vacation at Grandmama-Mama Martha's house! My son, who lives in Vermont, also came home for a short visit to see his nephews, family and friends. He went back home on Monday.

I did have time to putter around my house while they were here. I moved some furniture around in the living room. My youngest grandson said, "OH MY, now you have to take many steps to the couch!". . .then he looked at me and said, "but why do you have this room, no one goes into it". . .words from a six year old. How true, we never use the living room. Well, I do on occasion to leaf through the pages of an old Country Home issue from 1983! (Yes, I have many old issues, I love them and wish the magazines were like those old ones!) While the boys were here they did use the room for play, they would sit on the sofa and pretend to be different characters. Now, as I pass the room and look I can see them and hear them in my minds eye and I am happy to know that they enjoyed being in there.

So, things are slowly going back to normal for me, back to the old routines and looking ahead to making new memories down other roads. The boys and I talked about making a transport machine. . .I wish that I had one right now, I know where I would be going and I would also get to visit my beautiful granddaughter and my littlest grandson! Until then I wait until October when I will see all of them again.
Flowers always seem to brighten up a room and a mood, so I brought in a bouquet of Brown Eyed Susans and Sunflowers from my garden to enjoy;
So, until next time, sending you flowers to enjoy!

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for the love of a house said...

Hi Martha! How wonderful that your grandchildren were able to stay with you for so long! What wonderful memories they will always have.
I too keep old mags, but I think you have me beat having issues from '83!!
Thank you so much for your well-wishes, they were very much appreciated. And a happy belated bd to you too! I'm sure it was special spending it with your grandsons!