Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Year Older

Well, today was the day that I turned 62! Yikes, I cannot believe it. The years seem to have flown by, it seems like yesterday I was only 10 and if it were not for the aches of arthritis I would say I still feel 10! I remember my mother telling me that after you reach the age of 25 the days and years zoom away, I believe it is true.

I will not look at the number of my age but will count all the things I am able to do. I can still push a lawn mower to mow almost an acre of grass, I still can cut down trees and make gardens. I am able to care for my home from top to bottom, I can still sew and make my dolls and crafts. I can still walk around the parks at Walt Disney World along with my young sons and their families. I can drive from central NJ to VT in a day, over 7 1/2 hours from my house to where we go. I will count my blessings and they are many. I can enjoy all the wonderful gifts that God has given me.

Today I celebrated with my grandsons just enjoying spending time with them.

I have worked outside the home for many years as a legal assistant and also a medical transcriber, in a few months I will reap my reward of getting my first social security check! Growing old may have its downside, but for me I am still looking up!

Sixty-two and still counting. . .Happy Birthday to ME!


Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Happy Birthday! Are you still working or are you retired? I'll be turning 66 this month and it is very hard to believe. I'll also start receiving my first SS check next month. I'm retiring Dec. 18 and can't wait! I'm also thankful for my health.

Shelley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Martha,Wow you are still doing well at 62...I turn 50 next month and you have me beat by a longshot as far as what you are able to accomplish. I am trying to work on getting more healtly so I can be a more active person. You are truly blessed indeed!
Have a great week....

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Happy Belated Birthday Martha!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with your family and grandsons!

Enjoy that first SS check! YOu earned it!

hugs, Linda