Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend


First I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Please take time to say prayers for our troops who keep our country safe and allow us all of our freedoms and prayers for our military who gave their life for us. Let's salute all of our military! We owe them so very, very much!


It's been a busy week around here. It started out with washing all the windows inside and out. . .thankfully I have the windows that you can pop in to wash, it makes this chore seem less of a chore. After the windows were cleaned I washed the curtains in the all three bathrooms and then gave the bathrooms a major cleaning from top to bottom and everyplace else. I clean every day, but three times a year I like to give the house a extra cleaning. I then washed the curtains in the bedrooms and gave those rooms a major cleaning. My grandsons come and spend part of the summer with us and they use my son's room, he will be spending the summer in Vermont so this gives the little ones a space to call their own while here. Last year the room was to cramped with a twin bed and a cot, so I decided to buy a trundle bed. I had to dismantle the old bed and move it to the basement, the bed people took the old mattress away which was great. The room has so much more room now and the boys will have a comfy new beds to sleep on when they visit and when my son comes home he will be thrilled to have a new bed! The week ended with lots of yard work, I think the property gets bigger and bigger every time I mow, we have almost an acre, but it seems much bigger, maybe it is because I am getting older and slower! I planted all my annuals before we went to Vermont two weeks ago and they are doing nicely. This weekend we will have a small barbecue, which I do a lot of anyway in the summer well into fall. It will be nice to just do the regular chores for now and enjoy the summer months. We have so many things already planned to do this summer too.


Last weekend was fun, we went to a large craft festival in Hunterdon County, NJ. There were over 100 vendors and the booths were all great! There were some jewelry and clothing booths which had nice things, but when I attend a craft show I want to find special things for my home and I did at great prices too. This made my husband happy, in fact he found a baseball card thing he fell in love with so he bought that to add to his collection. The weather was perfect and so was the food! This craft show will be held again in October and if I can I would love to go back. It is not far from home and is held at the Hunterdon County Fairgrounds in Ringoes, New Jersey.


Here are some of the treasures I found at the Craft Show.

It is rather hard to see, but I bought the little crow pillow which now lives on the chair in the kitchen along side my old cutter quilt pillow.

I also bought this little cabinet, I wanted something for the living room to keep my country style decorating books in. I have been looking for sometime to find the right piece; as we were about to leave I saw a booth with all types of great furniture, it was hard to pick just one piece, there were three pieces that I really wanted, but had to settle for one. The crafter was from Pennsylvania. She told us she, her husband and son make the furniture.

We really enjoyed chatting with the artist who made the painting below. This now proudly hangs in the half bath! The artist is Barbara A. Palmer from New York state. Her paintings are so whimsical and fun, they are done in a Theorem style. She is a contemporary American Folk Art artist. You can visit her website here ♥ BP Folkart Press ♥ I have to say the website does not do much for her artwork, I loved every piece I saw. She is also an author and illustrator of children's books. My photo also does not do justice to this whimsical painting.

I also bought some really neat no hole siding clips to hang plants/wreaths or whatever you want outside. I found this invention to be so very clever, you just pop the clip under the siding where the seams meet and click it in place, no holes and they really work. They are easy to remove too. I wish I had bought more. I also liked that the inventor was from my adopted state of Vermont!

Last weekend was fun and this weekend will be special and fun in a different way, relaxing at home!

I hope, whatever your plans are, that you all have a special weekend with the ones you love.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


CARole said...

Hello Martha. First off I want to say what a happy looking blog you have. Love the cherrie, they remind of an apron my mother wore when I was a child. Sounds like you had a fun day at the craft show. You really must try that chocolate with the wine. I know how you feel, but it works.

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,hope you don't mind but I used the same background as you...I couldn't resist the cherries..please don't think I am playing "Copy Cat".... I can use a little cherring up these days. I tend to change with my mood....I love your always cheers me to visit....