Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cooking Can Be Dangerous!

I love to eat but do not like cooking that much. Cooking a meal seems like a lot of work and there have been times I have said I would do anything to not have to cook a meal. BUT, not have an over 50 pound range exhaust hood come falling down on me! This is my range hood which just came crashing down and missed me by inches, My guardian angel was standing guard over me and moved me in the nick of time. I cannot believe this happened and I am very lucky that I was not hurt except for my arm and that no real damage occurred except for the poor tea kettle being dented and water being splashed all over the place. I am so thankful the burners were not on and there was no food on the stove top. I am now feeling less upset than I was about 2 hours ago, the only thing that keeps me from falling apart is that my husband and I both stood there watching my Vermont sign ( SEE MY TOP PHOTO) fall off the back-splash and go behind the stove. This is the second sign I have had like this, the first one did the same thing, only it fell behind the cabinets before the install was complete. If I ever sell this house and they tear out the kitchen they will find not one, BUT TWO of these signs, the first a gift from my husband and the second to replace the gift from my husband. I have to laugh when I think of this, even though losing my sign makes me sadder than nearly being killed by a heavy range hood. My dear husband just said he is going to buy the signs in bulk now! That makes me laugh, but deep in my heart I am really sad and to make matters worse I cannot get anyone from the company that installed this to talk to. OK, so it is Sunday late in the afternoon, BUT, I better hear from someone on Monday morning. I did speak to one woman and I do not want to go into what she said nor my reply to her! Let's just say it added fuel to the fire of me being upset!
Here are pictures of my disaster, which could have been worse, I guess. Another thing that upsets me is that I leave early Thursday morning to go to Florida to visit my family and bring my two grandsons home to stay part of the summer with us. I planned on writing a happy little post of changes I have been doing around the house, but this is not a change I had planned on! I just hope it gets fixed by Wednesday!
The last photo are some of the small changes I did on the counters last week, a little tweaking and rearranging around the house.
I do not think I will ever again say I hate to cook! If I do I will be afraid a kitchen cabinet will fall on me. Oh, and my husband just said no new Vermont sign for awhile. . .

And why is it that when you cannot use something you want to use it, like right now I want to boil water for tea! I can use the microwave, but I like my tea made from a boiling pot of water from a stove.


Shelley said...

Hi Martha,so glad you were not hurt bad..what a terrible thing to happen. I am glad your angel was near by watching over you!Hope you can get it repaired soon.


les said...

Oh my goodness Ma, that is horrible!! Im so glad you didnt get hurt, but still what a shotty install job they did! Well I do hope you got in touch with someone and they will fix it free of charge seeing as how it obviously wasnt done right! Sorry about your signs too, no way to pull the stove out and grab them?
xo Les