Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Introduction and Some Goodies I got in Vermont!

I want to introduce you to my Daughter In Law, Leslie's creative talents. She is very talented and passed this creativity along to my granddaughter. I love her work, it is unique, one of a kind and very well done. I have several of her pieces and love them! Her style is original and one of a kind, you will not find her work mass produced. She has started a little store on Etsy and I wanted to introduce her and her work to everyone who comes by to visit. You can visit her store by going to my sidebar and clicking on the little doll photo. I hope you will give her shop a visit and thank you!

And now for some of my treasures from our visit to Vermont
On Mother's Day my daughter gave me this photo of a little house in Vermont, she had taken it two years ago when she visited with us during a college family weekend. I use this photo as my screen saver, she had it printed and framed for me and now it is displayed next to my computer!

These are a tiny little bunch of Forget Me Nots I picked last weekend in Vermont. They were growing wild near the dining hall of the college and I found them growing wild in the yard. I added the little wild daisy with them. They are in a tiny salt shaker and I am happy to say they are still alive and are on the windowsill in my kitchen. I love tiny little bouquets of flowers, and my favorites are wildflowers, just picked and placed into a glass jar or old container, nothing fancy, just simple and sweet.

In my other post I told you how my son gave me a bag of wool and I had purchased some felting needles while visiting Stowe, Vermont. On the rainy afternoon waiting to go to the graduation I tried my hand at needle felting and made a little Pug and a Wire Haired Fox Terrier. We now have our Pug and I once had a Wire Haired Fox Terrier. They were fun to make, but it was no fun when I poked my fingers with the very sharp needle. My son said while taking his fibers class and making the little bear that is in my header photo he poked himself many times too! So, this is Zoe the Pug and Timmy the Terrier!

These are goodies I bought while in Stowe, a long table runner, a round table runner, some barn red candles, a bag of Vermont fragrant dried Balsam Tips (my son thought that was a waste of money, he said I could have gone out into the woods and gathered my own. . .) I love the scent and plan on using it in little primitive sachets, it is like having the spirit of Christmas year round. I also bought a grubby battery candle and wish I had bought more than one, the price was great and the store was having a big discount. And I bought two black hooks and a bag of flower seeds, which I planted and I hope they will grow.

My husband bought me this wonderful wool hooked rabbit pillow for the living room. It is a Warren Kimble design and I have another version in a small print in the living room. I have several unique rabbits which I keep out year round in my living room and this pillow made them more special.

These are two hand embroidered pillow cases, in perfect condition that I found in an antique shop in Montpelier, Vermont. I just loved the pattern.

Also in the antique shop I found this old license plate that I bought for my husband to add to his car related memorabilia in his den, he has a big collection of vintage matchbox cars and other matchbox related items along with odds and ends, and this is now part of that odds and ends collection!

And last, my daughter's best friend came with us to the graduation and she surprised me on Mother's Day with this little framed cross-stitched saying, which now proudly hangs in my kitchen above the sink!

So, I am now back in the real world at home, my thoughts keep going back to our trip and the wonderful memories I have.

I am about to create new and very special memories in a few weeks when I fly to Orlando and meet with my grandchildren and family at Walt Disney World! After spending a few days there I will be bringing home two grandsons, Sage and Cole who visit with us in the summer. I wish that I could bring home all four grandchildren. Two of my sons live in Florida, one now is living in Vermont, one is home along with my daughter. I wish we all lived closer to each other !

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Bettsi said...

Hello sweet friend! I'm so glad you had such a lovely time! I adore your little pug and terrier- I think you did a great job. It must be such a blessing to have such creative and talented children that they can share these kinds of activities with you. I also love the little embroidery your daughter's friend made- she must think highly of you. As she should! As I do! You know, I never did sell that sweet Raggedy I made last year and now I am glad- she stays in my bedroom and looks so very sweet and reminds me of you because you were such a great mentor in her making!