Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wishes and thoughts

(The photo was taken in November when we went to Vermont for Thanksgiving.)
First, I want to wish my son, Keith, a very happy birthday. He was a leap year baby, I tell him that is why he is who he is! He is home this week from school and will be going back on Monday. He graduates from Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, Vermont in May and then will seek a new path to follow. He is my adventurer son, likes to travel and live his life doing his thing. He hopes to find a job studying the black/brown bears, he has spent summers in Minnesota working at a black bear sanctuary. He is majoring in conservation ecology and loves the outdoors.

Happy Birthday Keith, we love you!
This morning I entered two of my style Raggedy Ann dolls in the doll show.
In a little while we will be going back to look at all the dolls. I am
going to bring my camera to take some photos, I love
old dolls. I do not plan on getting anything this year
since I am having the crown moulding installed and back splash for the kitchen and fireplace mantel redone. We also want to get a new
chair for the family room and some sort of bookcase later on too.
I have been slowly tearing apart the living room and dining room
so when the carpenter arrives on Monday he
can start work. . .my house is a mess, it is like
a maze trying to get to the upstairs.
I still have to take my stuff off the walls in the kitchen, but
I am going to wait until I have a room to move
the stuff into. I am anxious for my house to get back to
normal. . .I am an neat/clean freak and I am trying to not
look at the mess. I know I will love it when it is
finished, I have waited a long, long time to have this done!
Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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