Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi everyone!

I have been busy this week and it will get busier! Last week my project was painting the family room. Next week things will be messy around here, but in the end well worth it.
First, I have been working on my version of a Raggedy Ann Doll, the doll show is on Saturday and I wanted to enter a doll. I love going to the doll show, they have a nice selection of antique dolls, all fun to look out, but the ones I truly love I cannot afford! My doll is almost finished, she needs her legs and apron and she will be finished. I am thinking maybe I will make her a cape like the vintage Raggedy Ann style doll pattern from the 1950's. Her dress is made from a reproduction 1950 feedsack print and I have some pale green flannel if I decide to make the cape.

My next project will be to remove all the stuff on my walls in the kitchen, dining room and living-room/front hall. On Monday I will be having crown moulding installed. A sample is on Raggedy Ann's "lap", 4 inch wide board with the traditional groves or whatever that is called. Also, finally, after about a year of not being sure what type of back splash I wanted after the kitchen was redone I have finally decided on what was my first choice. I will have bead board installed. I thought about tiny square tiles of tumbled stone in beige/white/gray, then I thought about a tin back splash but after really thinking about it I want the bead board. I love white kitchen cabinets, they remind me of our farmhouse in NY when I was a little girl, we had white wood cabinets and the kitchen looked so big, we had red/white gingham curtains, for me the room felt comforting. We also had a big black wood burning stove but after time my Mother got a "modern" stove. I guess my style is more farmhouse because growing up on a farm is a special memory of my childhood and I loved the old farm house. I am hoping this summer we can take drive to New York so I can see the house, "for old times sake". And the final project will be my family room fireplace mantel redo, I think that and the back splash excite me the most. The carpenter is going to "beef up the mantle" and add moulding trim, I do not want the brick covered but just a bigger mantle. I found a photo on line and showed him what I wanted and he said he can build it for me.
I will have photos after the work is done. I am happy that after painting the family room I have had a few days to relax and do normal things around the house. I am happy that I will not be doing this project, the carpenter said to plan on 3-4 days before he is finished and then I get to put the house back together. My next project will be our master bath, I want to paint that room a soft creamy white color and that I will do on my own.
Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week.


Bettsi said...

Hi Martha! The dolly is coming along beautifully! I too love a beadboard backing in a white kitchen. Like you said, it's cozy and farmhouse-like. I look forward to seeing the "after" photos!

Leslie Doerfler said...

Aww she looks adorable!! I hope she wins!:) And again, I cant wait to see the end result on the molding, I think its going to make the rooms pop!! xxoo