Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday Doll Show and Other Stuff

Last Saturday was the doll show. I have been going to this show for four years now. There are many different dealers showcasing dolls that are new to very, very old and expensive, dolls that I could only dream to add to my tiny collection. Tossed in between the booths these booths are the booths with the old dolls and accessories that you could find at a flea market. . .but sometimes you can find a little treasure buried in the pile of "junk". . .I found a sweet little doll coat, very old and very well made, faded to a soft red made of flannel and trimmed with a tiny braid and two little red buttons. This little coat was too sweet to leave behind, I said I was not going to buy anything since we are having the crown moulding and other things done around here, but for $1.00 I could not leave it there.

I entered two of my original Raggedy Ann style dolls. They won a blue ribbon and a certificate. The judge thought they were actually very old dolls, this made me happy because that is the look I go for! They had been put in the antique/old doll category! I had to clear up this mistake. Below are a couple of photos from the doll show and a photo of one of my dolls that I plan to list on eBay. The other one I am not ready to part with.
Today is the start of the work in my home. . .I will try tomorrow to post the photos of the mess in my house. . .I do not deal well with a mess let alone a BIG mess! I have often said I could not live through a big remodel. I cannot wait until they finish and it will look great and worth it in the end! Installing crown moulding is something I could never do by myself, first I would not have the tools and second my arms and hands would stop working after the second section was added. I have two men here now, this is a job for teamwork for sure.

I hope everyone has a great day. . .until next time,
Hugs and Blessing,


Picket said...

Morning friend...congrats on your wins at the showing with your beautiful dolls....

You will love the crown molding when it is up..just finishs a rom off...we installed our own but we use those fancy corner block thingys cause we can't cut miters! lol Thanks so much for coming by and Hope you have a great week and enjoy your new molding!

Shelley said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbon...it was so deserved! I love doll shows. We have one here in the fall of each year.I would love to see more pictures of your doll collections. Good luck with your home repairs,I bet it turns out beautiful....