Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Taking a moment to wish my family and

friends a Happy Valentine's Day!

I just want to say I Love All Of You!


I am not one to ask for diamonds, pearls, furs

candy or flowers,

my wish was to have my family room painted!

My sweet husband granted me my wish!

He bought me primer, rollers, brushes,

paint, tape, everything one would need in order to paint a room!

And the surprise was, are you ready. . .

I get to do it all by myself!

Be careful what you wish for!
(He also gave me a very nice gift card from my favorite store Home Goods )

All kidding aside, we have not liked the paneling in the family room for a very, very long time and I have been wanting to paint it so this is my project.

For as long as I have wanted to paint this room, that may be how long it will take me to paint it! In the end I know we will love it.

If I focus on what is done and not what needs to be done I can deal with it, I also keep a picture of my inspiration room on my PC monitor to keep me going!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.


1 comment:

Elaine said...

I must say that's my kind of present Martha LOL.
I don't mind the odd flower now and then, and of course chocolate never goes to waste, but something useful is always appreciated.
(I got a pink tool kit once, great!)

Love and blessings