Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family Room Re-do

On February 13th I started the prep work to paint our family room. I have disliked the paneled walls for many years and we have gone back and forth on what to do. Finally I thought I would try my hand at painting the walls and if it did now work out, well. . .we would have had to hire someone to "fix-the-mess"! We all agree that the end results are better than we could have imagined. Having painted the walls brightens the room and makes it look larger. My living room is huge, but we hardly ever use it, in fact we never use it! I wish the family room had been bigger, but it works well for us now.

I used a Benjamin Moore bisque white which is a shade lighter than the sofa. I once upon a time had a red/white/blue kitchen so things I used in there found their way in the family room. Some time down the road I want to get a new reclining chair and will slowly phase out the red/white and blue in here. ( I hope my husband did not read that!) Just a minor tweaking, hey I saved over $400.00 painting this room myself!
I finished up on February 16th and I am happy this project is almost finished. I have to finish the baseboard trim and pull up the cords for my computer to get them out of site. Painting a room is not really the difficult part, it is taking everything out of the room so you can start the project and then putting it all back!


CARole said...

Hi Martha. I think it's so fun to makes changs around the house, especially when it doesn't cost lots of money! Painting is one of the best ways to do that. You room look so nice. Enjoy it! Thank you for visiting my blog. Please come again and be sure to tell your friends to stop by too.

Elaine said...

It all looks lovely Martha, wish I had that much space.
The average house over here is not very roomy at all.

Enjoy you new loveliness.

Love and blessings

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,love the new look of your room. I have dark paneling and I hate it. Maybe some day I can make a change as well. It is a big job moving things out,for sure. We had to do that when my husband replaced the floors in our bedroom last year.
Your room looks beautiful....what a wonderful job you did on it.


ctlogcabin said...

Hi Martha ~~ Good for you, that was a big job to take on by yourself. Everything looks so nice, and clean, and fresh you look
like your way ahead of Spring. EnJoy your new room.
Hugs ~ Connie xox