Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I have been doing

After Christmas and all the holiday decorations are put away I like to move things around in my house. I display some special snow people, but I also like to move furniture from room to room. It is fun and the cost is free. Since my belongings all seem to go together it is easy to mix and match up the rooms.

My biggest rearranging was the bedroom. I am enjoying the warmth of the room for the winter months and come spring and summer I will go back to the lighter look.

I hope everyone is well. We are having dreary weather, cold and rain. My son goes back to school on Saturday and after a few days of adjusting to not having him home I want to start working on my dolls again. The time has flown by during his visit, next time we see him will be in May for graduation, and I not only get to see him I get to go back to Vermont! This spring will more than likely be our last trip up that far North. I will miss that very, very much.

The doll show will be coming up and I want to enter a couple of them there, last year three of them won ribbons, so it is something to look forward to. If they do not win I still have the fun of looking at all the old dolls, and maybe this year the old Volland Raggedy Ann will be there again. I brought my camera last year but the dealer did not bring her, I wanted to take a picture of her! Do you think maybe I can talk my dear hubby into buying her for me if she is there? I doubt it :(, but if she is there it will be fun to hold her again!

This is a photo of one of my snowmen along with a vase my daughter in law gave me a few Christmases back, I sometime float candles in it, or put one large candle in it or else I can add winter greenery and when my daughter brings me my red winter tulips I put them in there. It functions in many fun ways.
Wishing everyone a great day!

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Linda said...

Hi Martha!

Yup I painted the whole HUGE room all by myself. I only showed half the room in the blog pics - it is more than double that size. I actually painted the top hlaf twice. Once in 07 but never was happy with the color and then the whole room last summer. I'd rather paint than a lot of other chores! LOL I know you are supposed to use a primer first, but I use the top line of Benjamin Moore and I have had no problem with it peeling or flaking. I am very pleased with it. It changed the entire feeling of the room.

Looking forward to seeing your pics of the bedroom.