Thursday, January 8, 2009

Warm Winter Nights

The other day I finished re-doing the bedroom. I love to change out the bedding for the different seasons, all of my accessories go with what I have and I also have items that I pack away and bring out for a new look. I am happy with the way the room looks for the winter months.

The blanket folded at the foot of the bed was made by my grandmother and she had help making it by my mother! My mother had told me she was about 8 years old when she helped my grandmother with the carding and the spinning of the wool. She said then my grandmother wove the blanket. There were two large bands of dark blue color an two narrow ones at the end of the blanket, they have faded now to a soft gray color. I remember asking my mother about the blanket when I was in my late teens and she told me the story, after I was married I snatched the blanket and kept it packed away for safe keeping. I decided that since it has been around for so long without any damage I would use it on the bed. My mom passed away at the age of 96, it will be 9 years on June 15th. The blanket is about 97 years old! When I write this post it makes me remember so many, many fond memories of my mother. . .I would rather have her than the blanket, but since that cannot be when I make the bed in the morning I pause as I fold the blanket and think about her as a little girl helping her mother. I try to picture her as a little girl and think about the stories she told me about her childhood. The blanket keeps me warm, but the memory of her warms my heart!

Wishing everyone a warm and beautiful day!


Linda said...

What a wonderful remebrance you have. I love this story!! I*t's great you actually use it. It's like your mother's loving arms wrapped around you!

Linda said...

Thanks so much for the heads up about the link.What a great idea to do them as pillows! I don't quilt but I love following quilters around and lurking where they shop and play. I love looking that the jelly rolls and bolts of fabric too.

Oh I understand about not feeling up to painting. I am probably the only gal I know that likes to! LOL But I have to be in the mood too. Sometimes I am not in the mood to do any crafting or renovations at all. Sometimes I could redo an entire room from head to toe! I think it is the hormones - or lack of!

Have fun cooking and cleaning - I bet you can't wait for routine back. MY DH has not started his new job yet so his 4 week vacation is now almost 6 weeks. I need MY routine!

Have a great evening!

Martha said...

I too like a routine, but I will miss my son after he leaves! It will take me a week or so to adjust and then settle in. I like having him around to talk to!
I am anxious to go find my wool fabric, but we are supposed to have a snowstorm this weekend! Yuck!

Elaine said...

What a lovely story Martha, and wool blankets are so warm. I have a Welsh wool blanket over my quilt at the moment, really warm.

Love and blessings

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Hi Martha, we were in W. Caldwell visiting my in laws. They never go to NYC either. We took the bus from Willowbrook Mall (not sure if you know where that is) to the Port Authority. We have found over the years that that is the easiest way for us. We really enjoy visiting the city but definitely would not want to live there.

Shelley said...

Hi Martha,what a lovely story about your Mother and the special blanket..your room looks very cosy and comfy.Thanks for sharing this post,I enjoyed reading it! It warmed my heart to do so....