Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Little Shopping and a Little History.

Even though the temperature was only 26 degrees today I told my husband that after lunch I wanted to take a little drive to an antique shop that I like to browse around in. . .and so we did. It is only a few miles from our home and it was fun to go out and do something special. I want us to start taking little day trips on the weekends and learning more about "our neck of the woods". The woman working at the antique shop told us a bit about the history of the cemetery across the road. We were told that a Civil War General was buried there, but she was not sure where the grave was. She felt that since it was so cold that we should look for the grave site in warmer weather. Our next visit we will plan on doing that. Then she told us about a small slave and free black cemetery just a bit further down the road; for us this was a must see. I think, for my husband and I that was the best part of the trip. I love American history and to walk in this cemetery made you aware of how far we have come as a country. We did not feel the cold of the late afternoon air but we did feel a sense of wonder standing there and seeing the old gravestones and the simple white wooden crosses that mark the site of where the slaves are buried. I was happy that we learned about this cemetery and I would love to go back and sit on the bench they had there and just "think" about the people buried there, what it must have been like for them.

And now some photos of the shop and the area.

Lamington Antique Shop.

Almost directly across the road is a cemetery, we were told that there are Civil War soldiers buried there and a General from the Civil War.This is the back of the red barn. The Dr. Pepper sign was painted on this barn because the company was going to do a commercial, for some reason they changed their mind and the commercial was never shot, but the owner of the barn wanted the Dr. Pepper logo to remain there. . .a bit of local history for this area.

Some of the beautiful quilts on the second floor of the shop, most are very, very old with a few new ones added. I loved this little setup of the bedroom, I really like reds/yellows together, I am not a pastel person, I only like pastels in nature.

Below was my most favorite quilt, I told my husband if he bought it today it would count as my Valentine's Day gift. . .he looked at the price tag, rolled his eyes and walked away! Hey, I think I am worth it! The quilt is still in the shop, but I did get a carved wooden crow, a long wooden bread board and little toy farm wagon. I love old farm toys, they bring me back to my childhood of growing up on a farm in Upstate New York. You must be wondering the price on the quilt, it was over $500.00!

I took a close up photo of the quilt, rusty barn reds/browns/tans/cream are another favorite color combination. Those are the colors in my living room.

This will be a two part post because I want to share the photos from the Slave Cemetery.

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Eileen said...

Oh wow martha.. this is right up my ally. I LOVE the quilts!!

The sky was so blue.. what a beautiful day.