Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Everyone is a Child at Christmas

Or The Twelve Days of Christmas for Me

I think Christmas is extra special when you have little ones around, my grandchildren live far away and my children, who are still here part-time, are adults. My daughter and I decided that starting on this past Monday, December 15th we would try and do something special to create special Christmas memories.

Monday night we went shopping and thought it would be fun to buy something with lights for the outside, we came home with an animated light- up deer, and for some reason I starting calling him Rambo! I thought he would just "walk" out of the box, but he had to be put together, thankfully, on Monday it was very warm so at 10:00 P.M. Rambo was ready to stand guard on the front porch. Yesterday we had snow so I went outside to take his picture! Those white spots are the snow falling, and last night it was COLD!
Last night I thought it would be fun for the "children" to decorate Gingerbread cookies. . . I had purchased the cookies premade, bought the tubes of icing and had all the little sprinkles to use for decorating. Well, my tips did not fit the tubes! There went my idea of sweetly decorated cookies, me who loves everything neat/tidy and even holiday cookies have to be just so! My sons did not wish to take part in this little gathering so they let the "girls" do the decorating. Since the tips did not work they decided to improvise and became very silly, as you will see, the cookies look as if they were decorated by two year olds! I then offered a bribe of a prize for the best cookies, at that point my daughter became serious and tried her best using toothpicks and knives to decorate her cookies. My son's girlfriend, who is a very talented harpist, was going to decorate her cookies in her style. In the end we all had fun and I learned that goofy cookies and memories and much better than perfectly decorated Gingerbread cookies. Their prize was they could eat the cookies and had created something more than a silly cookie, but a Christmas memory.

(My daughter, Laura, in the foreground and Patty in the background)

(Patty's decorated cookies in the first photo and Laura's in the second one below and then all the little cookies)

Tonight I get to open a pre-Christmas gift from my husband. He told me that he wanted me to open it now so I can enjoy it before Christmas Day. Will this mean I will have to redecorate for the 100th time to get it just right? I cannot wait to find out. On Monday I also got to open a little gift, Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas, I really enjoy this little movie, the first time I saw it was on TV in Michigan, my daughter was one year old! I have it on VHS, but after we bought the new TV cabinet I never had my VCR ready to be connected, since the TV and the cabinet are huge it is too much work to hook up the VCR, but I do have the DVD hooked up and my new Emmett is for the DVD!

Wishing everyone a great and special day!


Linda said...

Hi Martha,

I wish my foks could enjoy this time but there are a lot of underlying problems I don't mention in my blog because my mom reads it. My mom has memory problems and this has her so confused, it's awful. She is crying half the day, waking up at night confused about where she is. My dad's hips hurt from not having his proper bed and chairs. he gets up and roams the halls at night keeping all of us awake. They really are not comfortable here. At 80 and 87 it is not easy. My heart breaks for them!!

Thanks for the kind thoughts, I know everyone means well. That's one of the reasons I blog. The support is so wonderful!!

hugs, Linda

Eileen said...

Your cookies look so cute on the plate next to the little tree and snowman. I would love to have one right now with my coffee!