Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Little Bears

I found these two little bears at a grocery store about 8 years ago, maybe longer, and I had to buy them! They are handmade and they are from the Mayfaire Bears Collection. They normally live in my antique toys cabinet in the hallway upstairs, but I brought them down to enjoy the holidays with some new friends.
I do not normally display my snowmen in December. I usually bring them out in January, but this year I bought some new ones at my favorite place, Home Goods. So, I broke tradition and I am using some of them now, they are more for Christmas display.

These little bears are displayed in the front hall with a snowman on a sled holding a bear and bringing home the Christmas tree.
What makes these little bears extra special for me is that my father's middle name was Seth and he was in the Navy, the little Sailor Bear is named Seth! My mother's name was Beatrice and the little bear in the red/white nightgown is named Beatrice. As my mother got older she had to wear special support stockings, she had a hard time putting them on and taking them off, she was very independent and did not like to ask for help, I would watch her as she struggled to do it by herself when I cared for her, and she always got them on by herself! The little Beatrice bear is tugging on a white sock, trying to pull it off! When I saw them I could not believe it, so they had to come home with me! They make me smile when I look at them.

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Shelley said...

Love your little bears. They are special indeed! How neat that they bear the same names as your folks.
Love your blog....
Have a blessed week...,Shelley