Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Doll

This is my new-old Christmas Doll! Growing up I did not have very many dolls or toys, only three dolls that I remember, and a few tiny little dolls, dolls that were made of plastic; their arms and legs could not move and their facial features were painted on and they were bright pink. They were wrapped in a small piece of flannel, like a tiny blanket. I also had a cloth doll, she was a printed fabric doll.

I clearly remember my baby doll, I loved that doll, she had a blond wig styled with ringlet curls, two little teeth showed through her open mouth, she had sleep eyes with long lashes and pink cheeks. She was dressed in a pale pink dress, a bonnet and she wore booties and ruffled undies, I can still see her in my mind. The few dolls and toys my sister and I did have were all lost in a house fire.
When I was about thirteen my brother gave my sister and me each a Ginny Doll, one with brown hair, for me and one with blond hair for my sister. I had always wanted a Ginny Doll and I was so happy to have her, but at thirteen, well I thought I was much to old for dolls. A few years back I started thinking about dolls and started collecting only dolls that tugged at my heart. . .I collect dolls that I love. My collection is basically very small, but I love each old doll I now own.

Today while we were browsing in an Antique shop in town I spotted this little doll, she is a Nancy Ann Story Book Doll, I think she could be Miss January, she is my third Nancy Ann Doll. She is now happily displayed in my doll cabinet.

Now I think you are never to old for dolls, if I could afford it I would have a large collection of special dolls, only old dolls. When my daughter was born I remember thinking that she and I would have tea parties with dolls and that she would be given dolls for her birthday and Christmas, turned out she did not really care for dolls! For me Christmas would not be Christmas without a "new" old doll.

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