Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I found at the antique store!

It was a fun afternoon.
  • I bought a red/white gingham apron, very long with a nice big pocket.
  • I also bought some precious little white buttons that I plan to use when I make another Edith Flack Ackley doll.
  • I also bought two hankies, one in white linen with lovely cotton lace, this I will use for the bloomers of my EFA doll and the other is a red print handkerchief which I may use for a Raggedy Ann doll to put into her apron pocket, or just hold onto it because it is so precious.
  • I then found two tiny little cream pitchers which I put on my kitchen window sill.
  • Also, a round glass disc with an imprint on it, I have used these before to put into pots when boiling water, if you are away from the stove you can hear the disc hitting the pot, I do not know what they are, but I had one a long time ago and was told that is what they are used for, if anyone knows for sure, let me know! I just liked it!

So, that was my fun Saturday, hope everyone had a great day. . .and we had lunch out too!

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Elaine said...

Hello again.

I love your Saturday finds, I found a little white jug with blue roses on it a couple of weeks ago, it's so cute.

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog too, I'd forgotten to bookmark you, but its all done now, so I can catch up with your lovely posts anytime.

Love and blessings