Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Today we are going downtown to browse in the antique shops. If I find a little treasure I will be sure to post a photo. The weather is beautiful today, I nice day to go out and enjoy it. Yesterday I did 90% of the yardwork and my son finished the rest for me. . .so today I can go out and play!

I have another Raggedy Ann doll finished, she is now waiting for her bloomers and apron. I think after that I may take a day or two to move some furniture around, while cleaning this morning I thought I would move the corner cabinet in the dining room into my living room and put my decorator books in there with a few little cherished items. My living room is very large and the dining room small, so after all these years I thought it looked crowded! Every so often I get the bug to move stuff around. Maybe Monday that will be my project! I just have to empty the cabinet, put it on those sliders, I love those things for moving furniture, move it into the living room and then organize it. I will have to find a new home for my antique china though, maybe I will store them in the hutch.

OK, off to find a buried treasure!

Hugs, Martha


Elaine said...

Hello, I've been blog-hopping and found your lovely place.
I love Raggedy Annes, have done since I was little, I had a Read-Aloud story book about her, and her brother and friends. Living in England, it wasn't easy to find Annies, so I didn't own one until I was 18.

Thank you for a lovely blog, I just love your dolls. Please stop by and have a look at mine, I'm sure there's a photo of an Annie I made.

Love and blessings

Martha said...

Hello, I will be happy to go visit your blog! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! Thank you about my Raggedies as well, I plan on listing them on ebay, if I can part with them!

Raggedy Hugs, Martha