Monday, August 11, 2008

My Decorating Project is Finished!

I wanted to move the corner hutch from the dining room into the living room. Well, I started that project last night, first by taking the dishes out of the corner hutch, that was easy enough. Then I started to move it, my daughter came in to help me, my husband could hear the goings on downstairs and came to see if he could help, but we had already moved it and placed where I wanted it to be. Michael always seems to arrive after the hard part of a job is finished, I guess by now he knows to stay out of my way when I am in the midst of doing a project, honestly though, I like to do things by myself and if it does not come out right I can only blame myself! I did not want him to feel left out so I asked him to help me carry down my books which were being stored in a closet upstairs, after that he seemed to disappear!

Well, today I finished, there was more than enough room on my hutch for the few dishes I had in the corner cabinet. I put all my books in the cabinet and added a few family photos and some glass dogs that I collect. For now I like it, but I know it will change! The dining room looks sort of naked now in that corner, I guess I have to adjust to seeing nothing over there. As far as the damage, only two extra nail holes, I had the living and dining rooms painted last year and when it was time to put stuff back I wanted to be sure I hung things where I wanted them to stay. One nail hole is behind the cabinet in the living room, I had a picture hanging there and it had to be moved, so that picture went upstairs in the hallway and the picture that was in the hallway was put into a closet for now. The other nail hole was when I went to hang a picture in the living room I did not have it quite right so had to make another hole, but it is behind the picture! I need to get my touch up paint and fix those two holes. And, I have one table left over. . .I could not decide if I wanted to use a little round table next to the chair or my tea-table which was in the dining room, I opted for the tea-table, the little round table does not look right in the dining room so I put it in the front hall and the table I had near the chair in the living room needs to find a home.

Two views of the living room with the round and tea-table and my naked dining room. I will work more on that tomorrow, I want to try and photo my Raggedy Ann dolls and list two on ebay. It has been sometime since I have listed, so wish my luck!

And I wish everyone a great day!

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