Friday, August 8, 2008

Some lovable old toys!

The first two photos are of an old bear and child's storybook. I love this old bear, I found him in an antique shop two years ago when we went to Vermont. The little bear belonged to my son when he was a little guy and that bear is over 25 years old. I had to put baby-socks on the older bear because his paws are so worn, the straw stuffing was poking through, there is no way he can be mended, but he is still very, very lovable. Also you can see some old cloth rag dolls, there is a sweet black doll, the doll in the middle is a Topsy-turvy, when you turn her over she becomes a blond! A very precious doll. The other one is also sweet, her facial features are embroidered on and her arms and legs can move and she can pose. The book The Forgetful Bear I found at an antique shop here.
When we were in Vermont we stopped at the Vermont Country Store, a fun place to browse. They were having a big tent sale and there I spotted the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees! Since I love Raggedy Ann and Andy stories and collect the very old hand-made Raggedy Ann and Andy style dolls I was thrilled to see him. My birthday was the next day, so I handed him to my son, I said here. . .you can buy this for me for my birthday! I also have one in blue, I should photo them together. He sits on top of an old china cabinet that I have some antique toys and part of my collection of children's storybooks. He sits there proudly with a few of my old hand-made Raggedy Ann dolls, one doll which is unique is the Indian doll who sits upon a rocking horse. This doll is fashioned from a character in one of the Raggedy Ann stories, he is so charming, very old and very well made. Then we have a clown doll that belonged to my son, this little doll is now 40 years old! I bought this a few weeks after I brought my son home from the hospital! It seems like yesterday! My daughter in law found the children's book The Children's 1928 Pitterpatter Book in the antique shop next to the house where we were staying in Vermont, this book is a filled with sweet stories. When my grandsons were here with me they enjoyed having me read from the different children's story books I have; some of their favorites were the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories. It is fun too group your collections and enjoy them! Sometimes I think I collect too many things (is that possible!)


Bettsi said...

Oh Martha! I think you must be a kindred spirit- I love to display my children's books and old toys too!

Your comment on my blog filled me with such hope- it made me cry! You really are an inspiration to me. I'm going to try to email you and get more information from you. I truly had myself convinced that there was no future for my dollies, but because of your sweet note, I am inspired to keep trying. Thank you so much, Friend. You really commented at exactly the right moment.

Martha said...

Hugs to you Bettsi, thank you!