Thursday, July 31, 2008

A New "OLD-Primitive Raggedy Annie" Doll

Dear Little Raggedy Ann, waiting for her arms. Soon, I promise.

Little Doll bodies dyed and drying in the sun.

Ah, finished at last, a prim little Raggedy Ann style doll from the Jelliesjams cupboard!

The last time I made a doll or dolls was in December, 2007! I made an Edith Flack Ackley doll for an ebay charity auction and three other EFA dolls for my brother's granddaughters. I put my doll making on hold, life was getting in the way, or so I told myself. Too many other things to do. . .well, yesterday I went to my sewing area in the laundry room and opened a drawer where I had a doll body made up, she was just waiting to come to life. Before I knew it I had finished a doll which I had started months ago. I was so happy to have the feeling you get when you create something, when you go back to doing what you enjoy. Now, many people may not find a primitive style doll appealing, some may say ugly, not fancy, why would you want a doll like that! For me my dolls represent dolls made by a Mama who did not have a lot of time nor supplies to make a fancy doll, an old cloth rag doll would have to do for their little one. A doll that was made with more love than talent; a doll to become a best friend to a child. I like my dolls to look worn and well loved and they are fashioned after Raggedy Ann. I love the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories and the illustrations in the books. I guess I could say I love all types of children story books as well. I think my most favorite doll is the Volland style Raggedy Ann doll, I got to hold one once and when I think back I was like a teenager who had just met a rock star. That was the closest to ever having one for me because the few that are around are priced out of my spending range.

Now, back to my doll, she is finished and I will hold onto her for awhile, I may sell her or keep her, but for sure I do love her. Working on her gave me the kick I needed to get back to making my style Raggedy Ann dolls, so I made up 3 more sets, sort of assemble line style, this way I will have a doll to work on when I get the urge, like maybe tomorrow! Now I need to tidy up my sewing area and do what needs to be done.

Wishing everyone a happy day,

Raggedy Hugs,



eileen said...

Hi Martha, she is really sweet. Glad you finally brought her to life!
I can't reply to your comment about the blue china, you have it set as "no-reply" and I can't find your email. I'd love to see what you have.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Boy I am SO happy you brought her to life!and now she has sisters too!

Bettsi said...

You have a magic touch, Martha! I love your little Raggedies.