Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New "Goodies" for my house and yard

I had been wanting a round white table for my kitchen, well a couple months ago I found one online that I loved and the price was right so I ordered it. I really like it, my large kitchen table I put away in our basement, we no longer needed a big kitchen table and the one I had before this one I am giving to my dauther's friend who is going to college and will need a table for her apartment. The table looks tiny in the photo, but it seats 6 comfortable although I only have 4 chairs around it.

My next "goody" is my lawn/porch chair. I went to Home Goods last week and saw the chair priced to $30.00! I had seen it in early Spring for $170.00, too steep for my budget, it was then reduced to $70.00, which was still too much, but when I saw the price that day, well I had to have it. I called it a belated birthday gift. (My birthday gift from my husband was my trip to Vermont with my children and grandchildren to visit my son who is spending the summer there working). I love the idea that it folds so it will be easy to store in the garage during the winter months. It is so comfy too, a nice place to sit and browse through a magazine or read a book and sip a cold beverage.
My next find was the white rabbit that I put in my living room window. I have a chalkware white rabbit and a carved brown rabbit in my living room along with a Warren Kimble rabbit print, so he fit right into the theme. And the best part was that he was only $3.00! I love it when I stumble across bargains for my home and yard! A also love to shop at Home Goods!
I hope everyone is enjoying all the "goodies" that life has to offer. . .the best gifts are the gifts of love and sharing that love with family and friends.

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