Monday, August 4, 2008

My First Tomato

For me it was exciting to look at my potted tomato plant and finally see tiny little green tomatoes starting to sprout. It is fun to watch them grow bigger and bigger and on Friday I saw that one had a pink blush which was quickly turning into a red faced tomato! In a few more days it will be ready to pick; I cannot wait to make myself a tomato sandwich. When my son was here visiting he said he wished they were ready to pick because he wanted to make a tomato sandwich with a fresh tomato.

I do not have a vegetable garden, I wish I had a small one. The sun hits the front of the house most of the day and then makes its way to back after 3:00, so anything I planted out back would not get enough sun. I do not think the neighbors would like me having a vegetable garden out in the front yard. I buy one tomato plant and plant it in a large container and keep it on the deck where the sun hits most of the day. I am the only one who will eat them so one plant is enough for me. One year my plant produced so many tomatoes that I had more than enough. I would love to make my own sauce, but there are picky eaters in this family so I would be wasting my time.

For me, for now, I will enjoy my tomato plant and the bright red fruit it will give me, I can taste that sandwich now with a glass of ice cold ice tea!

Wishing everyone a great day, now I will be going to work on doll number four!


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