Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My heart is like an apron with two pockets.

My heart is like the pockets on my vintage apron, one half is empty but the other half is filled with fond memories of my grandsons visit, my son and his family visiting and wrap all of that up with the apron strings with a trip to visit my son who goes to college in Vermont.

We had so much fun, it was hectic and relaxing if that is at all possible. We went to Stowe, in Stowe we browsed the shops, then we went to find the VonTrapp Family Lodge (the movie The Sound of Music was about their life). It was so beautiful and the views were breathtaking. We then went to visit Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory, that was fun. On the way back we stopped at an antique shop, sad to say I did not buy anything, I fell in love with a hooked rug though! We also stopped at a great place that made pressed apple cider and the yummiest donuts I have ever tasted, I wish I had one now. When we got back to Stowe we stopped for dinner at a pizza place called Pie In The Sky, the pizza was great.
We did short trips, we went to a lake where the kids swam, we visited the Sterling College Farm where the kids got see the farm animals and watch my son feed a young calf named Pig. The weather was perfect and the days seem to fly by, too, too fast for me.
Now I am back home, my house is neat and tidy and everything is shiny/clean and quiet, very, very quiet. I miss the sticky finger prints on the tables and windows, the sound of laughter and giggles, I miss my grandchildren. I would trade the shiny clean house for their bright and shiny little faces. My grandson would say to me while I washed his hands and face after he ate, "am I as bright and shiny as the stars in the sky", I would tell him he was brighter than all the stars in the sky; they are brighter and more precious than anything to me.
I miss each sweet little face!
Now I need to get back to making my dolls, just need a bit of motivation! And now I am known as Granmama, I went from Grandmartha to Gamma to Granmama!

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Bettsi said...

What precious imagery, Martha! Brighter than the stars! That is why God gave us dollies, Granmama. We just have to lavish love on little beings!