Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few photos of the places we visited in Vermont

The town of Bellows Falls, VT. Miss Bellows Diner, it was a train car at one time.
A view of the lake where my family swam.
My youngest grandson who is two meets the Ben and Jerry Cow!

This photo was taken at Yankee Candle, we stop there on every trip we take to VT. This is in Mass. Their flowers gardens were so pretty. This is one of the Vermont Country Stores outside of Bellows Falls. Bellows Falls is a picturesque Vermont town. We ate at the Miss Bellows Diner, the place was very small and the wait was long, but the food was worth the wait.
A view from the mountain top at the Von Trapp Family Lodge.
My son and grandsons, the little one is his, the older one is my grandson who spent part of the summer with me and his little brother. They are visiting "Pig" the calf at Sterling College Farm.
I love this little red house and she had the prettiest flower gardens, in fact all the quaint little houses had flower gardens that I was so envious of. This house is across the street from where my son is living for the summer, he is working at the college.

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