Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Dad

My father passed away 33 years ago in March. Today he would have been 105. I learned so much watching him while he did repairs around the house, he was a "Jack of all Trades" and he could take any tree, plant or flower, put it into the ground and it would grow. I guess I learned the love of gardening from watching him. When he was working in his gardens you could see he was at peace. He called me "Little-Girl", (I wish that I was a little girl in size!) he would often say to me that he felt the closest to God while working in the flower gardens and he believe that one could pray anywhere, not only on Sunday in a church. He was a talented wood carver as well. So today as I sit and think of him and go back in time to when he was with us I am thankful that he was my father.

This photo is a photo I took from a photo album at Quimby's Resort in Vermont. My father worked there not only as a manager but as a tour guide. He was a legend in his own right in that area, he is still remembered in the Northeastern Kingdom of Vermont. There was an article written about him in The Vermonter, a Vermont publication. Two years ago I went back to visit this area, when I was a child we would go there every summer for vacation and to Canada to visit my Mother's family. It is odd how my third son decided to go to College in Vermont, Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont, which is maybe 60 miles from where my Father and Mother once lived and I started my life. At the time of his choice we had no idea how close it was to where my family started out.
Happy Birthday Dad!

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