Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dates for the start of Kitchen remodel!

Well, this is how it goes, I was told the work will start on TUESDAY, February 11. . .after I hang up the phone I look at my calendar to mark the date and February 11 is a Monday. . .so I am thinking in my excitment I made the error, yesterday another call, I bring this up and the project coordinator said she would check and get back to me. Today I am told that the start date will be TUESDAY, February 12. . .that's more like it. Now this sets everything back a day and it will not be until the end of February until the water can be hooked up again, thank goodness February is a short month! I do not know how people can live through a complete home remodel project. . .I would not make it!

My cabinets are being emptied of things that I feel I must keep, even though I never use them, for example a very pretty canister set, I have collections of a lot of primitive things and vintage kitchen items, so I sort and will have a yard sale in the spring and some things I have tossed out. I plan on being very selective of what I will keep. I want my new kitchen to have a less primitive look with fewer collectibles this go round. Of course my style is a mix of primitive/upcountry/cottage, very eclectic. I hope I can pull this off! I guess by March I will know for sure and will keep everyone updated on the progress.

I guess my glass front cabinet will not be decorated for Valentine's Day this year. OK, so what holiday will be next, St. Patty's Day! I may have to go out and shop for something "green". . .

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Jennie said...

ooh good look with the kitchen remodeling! and the yard sale (I wish I lived near to you again!!)
I can't wait to see the pictures of your new kitchen.
I've left a little award for you over at my blog.