Sunday, February 3, 2008

Shopping for a new kitchen stove.

Yesterday we went shopping to find a range for the kitchen. All the cabinets are going to be white and the counter top will be beige with specs of black/white/browns/golds, very muted. I did not want granite and picked Corian, after doing research it will be easier to maintain and of course the cost! I read that natural stone can crack if something very hot is placed on it and that is not something I wanted to chance. I am happy so far with my choices. I found a paint color for the wall, it is called Safari Tan/Vintage Masters by Ralph Lauren. My new stove is black and white, it was the only one of its kind on the display floor and when I saw it I knew it was the one. I hope I will not change my mind when it is installed the end of the month! I did not want everything to be white since I have many accents in black, so we purchased it along with a exhaust fan hood. I do not like stainless, so this should work out. I think for a backsplash I may use tin, today I went to Home Depot and saw these "tin" squares that can be used for a backsplash. There was a display kitchen that used it and it looked really nice. I do not want tiles, thought about wainscoating, so I will have to decide.

Yesterday and today were busy shopping days, but FUN! Expensive, but FUN!

Now, I need to find something to entertain myself, Super Bowl Sunday is not my thing!


Bettsi McComb said...

Hello Martha! I'm so happy to see you have a blog! I love your choices for your kitchen! I'm not big on stainless and granite either. I didn't know Home Depot had a "tin" tile- I love the look and know I will have to go see it for myself. I've often thought that a tin tile backsplash in copper would be pretty.

Martha said...

I think I will go with the tin backsplash. I have a lot of "silver" colored kitchen stuff and should go great, down the road if I change my mind it will not be a lot of money spent.