Sunday, January 27, 2008

A New Kitchen

My kitchen how it looks today, I had the walls painted two years ago, paint chips, I found out, are not the same as the paint on the wall. I had chosen a soft golden buttery yellow and it was much, much brighter than I had expected. I have come to like the color, but will have to decide if I will keep it after the new cabinets and counters are installed. The side of the kitchen where the cabinets are does not have a lot of wall space, the eat in area does. But, I have time to decide and may change my mind at least 100 times.

This is the third week of waiting for the call about the installation of my new kitchen. Why does time fly by when you do not want it too and stands still at other times? I put off new cabinets and counters/appliances for a long, long time and now the waiting seems longer than the wait I had to make up my mind. My kitchen has lost its sparkle and is looking old and dated. Not vintage/quaint/charming old, but old and dated. I more or less knew the look I wanted so picking out the cabinets was easy as well as the counter top. It will not be a complete overhaul since my kitchen functions well with the layout. We are opting for a full size range in place of a built in wall oven and cooktop and I will get added counter space where the cooktop is installed. I picked out white cabinets, black antique knobs and those old fashion country style black drawer pulls that look like half-moons. That is the only way I know how to describe them. I have been removing all the "stuff" from my cabinets so when the call comes I will be ready. One corner cabinet will have a glass front door, this is what excites me most because I will be able to display my ironstone china and for different seasons/holidays add a little display. I am hoping this will be finished well before Easter because I have a great Easter Rabbit and some painted wooden eggs that will look so great in that cabinet with my ironstone china. Everyday I think about a new display for the cabinet, 4th of July, Fall, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, have I mentioned I love to "decorate" and move things around in my home? I am trying to be calm and taking one day at a time. I do not like a messy home, things have to be neat/tidy and clean. . .I guess I will have to tolerate the invasion of my house and the mess and in the end I hope it will all be worth it!


cammyk said...

Oh, how exciting to be redoing your kitchen. We remodeled ours a couple of years ago....long process but well worth the wait. Yellow paint is definitely a hard color to choose. I have several different shades of yellow walls in my home. It is a warm yet cheerful color.

Thanks for visiting me and for your advice on my magazine "issue."

Martha said...

Today I received the call, it will start on Feb. 11th. I cannot wait for it to be over.

I still have a lot of magazines and really enjoy looking at them even if they are old.

Thanks for stopping by.