Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October 1st...Love this time of year

Hello everyone!  It seems that my days are filled with so many other projects that I neglect my blog.  Today I am taking a break from living life to the fullest and to enjoy this beautiful day in quiet.  The days/months are going by too quickly.  My mother once told me that when you get older it will seem that way, well, it really seems that way! 

A few photos of my autumn decorations around the home.  I love to decorate for all the seasons/holidays and special events.  I hope you will enjoy seeing Fall in my home. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.

My new antique cupboard...I love changing things up in there and now I can display almost all of my collections of "stuff"!

A little owl on a bittersweet branch.. I have two, one is in the photo below, they actually have feathers, once upon a time these owls were Christmas ornament..

A little antique cupboard in my kitchen ...see the tiny owl in the bowl on the bottom shelf sitting on a bittersweet branch along with a real cotton ball.

I finally finished my penny rug mat...the colors are not as bright as in the photo.  My daughter also worked on this with me!


Simply Shelley said...

You know I always love coming by and catching up with you. I love this time of the year. Your home is decorated so nice for Autumn. Are you still making your dolls? I love my little Raggedy Ann I purchased from you on my 50th birthday. She turned four this past August. I have enjoyed her so much. Blessings friend

Sharrieboberry said...

Ready for Fall! It looks lovely, Martha! I love it!