Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where oh Where has the time gone!

Wow-I have not be loyal to my blog!  Busy with too many other things. So many things have been going on around here, some fun, some not so much fun, a few changes outside and a few things inside, BUT nothing really exciting. 

The most exciting was when my son and his family came to visit at Christmas and a few weeks ago I was in Florida to visit them, I had a fun trip and love being with my sons and my grandchildren,

Here is a photo of my son and grandsons out in the snow-this was the day after Christmas, the kids were really hoping to have some snow-my oldest grandson had seen snow before, but his little brother never had, they loved being outside in the cold throwing snowballs and making a snowman.  I had put in a "special request" for them to have snow, I guess I never gave a cut-off time because after that we had more snow than I can remember living here in Central Jersey. In fact, on April Fool's Day I looked outside and it was snowing!

Outside, just before the Holidays I had the front porch removed and replaced with just steps, at first I was not sure, but when it was all done I love it.  I am anxious for warmer weather so I can redo my flower beds - which sadly a section was destroyed by the tractor and part of our lawn!  It will be fun to plant new flowers and see how it will come out,.

This is now the front of the house-before there was a very ugly balcony under the center window with ugly pillars and ugly metal handrails.  The bricks of the steps were starting to break up and it was time to remove all of it.  To the left of the door is where my plantings were "destroyed"-so I will be focused on this area-the snow covered the area of the yard where the grass was torn up, that will be re-seeded once we get warmer weather.

Inside I have moved furniture around, you know how that goes, table from kitchen into dining room, that table into the kitchen, then move the chairs and rearrange end tables and coffee tables in living room-the  fun part of  owing a home, decorating!

I have not taken any new photos of the inside, all my photos are fronm the holidays, I have my spring-time decor out and as soon as I snap a few pictures I will post them. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and I hope it is warming up where you are, because here Old Man Winter is enjoying his stay!

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Shelley said...

So good to hear from you....glad you got to spend time with your kids...that's always a blessing..looking forward to seeing the inside pictures...I like what you did to the front of your house...looks great....blessings