Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Fun Project

I love primitive style portraits, especially those of children, some of these prints can be costly and since I love to keep changing things around my home I thought I would make my own.  No, not paint them, that is one talent I was not blessed with! 

It is a fun and simple way to make your own primitive style prints on canvas and if you are not into primitive/colonial you can do this with any type of art you love-just keep in mind the size.  This is not something that you can make to sell, more for your own personal use.

First you find a print you love and print it out onto printer transfer paper-the iron on type-make sure it is for light background since you will iron it onto a canvas art frame, the ones that are stretched onto the wooden frame, I bought these on sale at Michael’s Craft Store and use the 5x7 or 8x10.  Just follow the instructions for printing and then iron it onto your canvas frame and there you have it-a primitive colonial style print to hang on your wall or sit on a shelf,  I paint the edges black to give them a finished look.

Here are my two “primitive girl” portraits which I hung over my sofa in the living room.

Spring 2011 019

A photo of them hanging on the wall. On the table at the end of the sofa is a tiny one, the baby in the red highchair, I love that print and plan to make a large copy when I get more supplies. The large colonial girls print I purchased many years ago in Detroit, Michigan. These are just two – I have made 6 total, a fun way to create art in the style you love!

Spring 2011 017


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