Friday, September 4, 2009

I wanted my blog to be a warm and fuzzy place, but sometimes well. . .


you need a place to express yourself or VENT. . .so this is what I am about to do!  I honestly do not understand why there is such an uproar over the President of the United States speaking to the children returning back to school.  Some of the posts and news reports  I have read or seen make me wonder why!  My take on this is that those who are objecting and saying they will take their children out of school, etc. etc. yadayadayada. . .are basically teaching their child(ren) to behave like bullies or sore losers.  They are teaching them that even if you do not agree 100% with someone the way to deal with it is with name calling and making up things to support your beliefs. Or, if I may be frank, LIE I also see it that they are teaching their child(ren) disrespect for the president which in turns shows disrespect for all authority. . .I do not like your views therefore I will not listen/partake/discuss.  Other presidents have given pep talks to students on returning to school, what is wrong in saying study, try your best, work hard, be all that you can be!  Isn’t that what we want our children to hear, isn’t that what we tell our children?  I think there might have been a few things in the worksheet that the children were going to ask to do could have been worded differently, but all in all to have your child hear the president speak to you should be, in my opinion, an honor.  I remember my children being asked to write a letter to them self about their goals, dreams and hopes for their future.  After graduation these were mailed back to them. . .an eye opener indeed. . .! 

I remember being in Jr. High when J.F. Kennedy was running for president of the United States.  In our social studies class we were asked to bring in articles from the newspaper (no internet back in those days!)or to watch the nightly news so we could discuss both candidates.  On Election day we had a chance to VOTE, our ballots were dropped into a make-shift ballot box.  I voted for Kennedy, when asked why I still remember my answer. . .I liked his accent, his hair, I thought he looked like my brother and I loved the clothes that Jackie wore. . .was this a good answer. . .at my age it was an honest answer.  That is what I took away from all the pre-election up to the election day discussions in my class.  Did my parents ever say to me you must not take part in this discussion, no. . .their attitude was that we were going to school to  learn, to be given a chance to discuss other points of view in a civil manner.  Was this a life changing experience for me, was I harmed by our discussions, NO!  I was more influenced on the day our president was assassinated, my young mind filled with questions as to WHY and I along with classmates turned to our teachers and parents to help us understand.  I still to this day do not understand hate and violence, and I wonder will it ever end!  Or is there still a buried feeling of resentment toward people who are not just like US!

We may not all agree with the views of everyone all the time, but I for one want for my children and grandchildren to have the opportunity to be able to look at the world and the people who make it up and be able to discuss things intelligently and with knowledge.  I never wanted my children to be bullies, to show disrespect to their elders and people with authority or have the attitude that if you do not play my way, well you cannot play at all.  I wanted for them and for my grandchildren to show compassion toward all and have an open mind to discuss matters without getting angry and to keep an open mind.  Pulling your children out of school because the president is going to speak to them in my opinion is pretty silly and setting a bad example.  I can just see the day when the teacher sends home a note saying the class will be doing such and such and little Johnny or Mary refuse to go to school because this is not to their liking. . .just my thoughts.



Leslie ~ HarvestHomePrimitives said...

I have been reading all the articles and such about this too. I DO NOT understand the uproar either. So you are definitely not alone in your feelings.

A blog is a great thing! We can express our feelings and as you said 'just vent'. :) I have done that many a time when the need has arisen. :)

Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY....I repeat HOORAY for you having the fortitude to speak out about this!!!!! You made my day! Dianne

Audrey said...

You are absolutly right!! People wonder what is wrong with kids today...well it is lazy parenting and no morals. No one respects each other or authority.
Maybe you didn't vote for Obama but You respect the President. I didn't vote for Bush but that didn't keep me from keeping my teenagers in line when they repeated Bush jokes!!
Thank you for "venting" it just confirmed to me why I read your blog.

les said...

:) I love this Martha and Im posting it on my blog!! You said everything that has been on my mind about it but I could not bring to words, as well as life history of how it was for you growing up. I too remember being able to hear the president speak and being able to talk about him, I find it incredibly sad that in this day and time people are being so hateful, close minded, and in my eyes ancient in their thinking. I for one have two children whom I would love to have President Obama speak to, because he is our President, he is our leader, it is an honor!

Raggedy Angel said...

Hey, I was just looking thru your post and I just had to tell you that I was so happy to read this! It is always nice to know that someone else feels the same as I do. It is so wrong to teach children that it is ok to disrespect the President.